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      The second dungeon available that players encounter is Tam-Tara Deepcroft. South of Gridania, it is designed for players at job level 16 or above. If a player is over level 19, level sync will reduce them to 19 for the dungeon. Players on their first job are required to have completed the storyline quest "Fire in the Gloom" up to the step that sends them to Tam-Tara Deepcroft. For everyone else, they can simply enter or use Duty Finder to gather a group.



      The dungeon has a 90 minute timer, which is more than sufficient time to complete a thorough exploration of the dungeon. This is true even for groups that search all of the side rooms for treasure chests. It is recommended that players seek out all chests in the zone, as the rewards for them can include significant upgrades to their gear.


      At the start, players will notice that they need to accomplish three types of objectives:
      • Gather rosaries
      • Break barriers
      • Destroy orbs
      The final objective, as in most dungeons, is to simply kill the boss. In Tam-Tara Deepcroft, that boss is Galvanth the Dominator. These objectives are completed in a natural, linear progression with little opportunity for deviation other than brief side trips for chest hunting.

      The first rosary is in a side room by the entrance. It is guarded by a pack of undead, including a caster type called Varlet. It is advisable, though not necessary, to focus on the Varlet first before cleaning up the other undead in the pack. Other than that, there is nothing of any major concern.


      Eventually, a party will encounter a barrier to destroy. Keep in mind that doing so triggers a mini-boss, so a party should be prepared before clicking. Upon destroying the barrier, groups are assaulted by a Priest and a group of Gravedigger Imps. The best strategy is for the tank to pick up all of the monsters while the party focuses on downing the priest first. Also, it is important for groups to conserve resources during this phase, as the fight has a second phase.

      Upon destroying the first wave, parties will face a Void Soulcounter. There is nothing substantial to worry about with these fights. Simply make sure the tank is ready to gain the attention of the monster quickly, and have the party go to town on him. Healers might need to watch their resources during this part of the fight, but the fight is not so difficult that healers should run into major problems.

      Galvanth the Dominator

      Groups will need to continue their trek through the dungeon, collecting rosaries and destroying another barrier. The encounter after the second barrier is the same as the first. Upon destroying the second set of orbs behind the second barrier, the party will be able to access Galvanth, via a newly raised bridge.

      The encounter is a multi-phase fight that can take a few minutes to complete. He casts water spells on the tank continuously, as well as an area of effect paralyze that can cause issues for casters. As always, get out of red rings when they show up!

      At about 75% health, Galvanth summons an imp. The tank should move away from the imp, since it is a ranged attacker, while the party kills it. Then, simply resume beating up Galvanth. This happens again at 50% health, except that there are more monsters. Simply have the tank gather the group up while the party focuses on the imp, then the trash mobs, then back to Galvanth. This happens one more time at 25%, except with two imps. The tank should take the monsters to one imp while the party focuses the other. Then finish off the last imp, followed by the trash monsters and finally Galvanth.
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