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    1. OraT0rio
      5 /5,
      Just what I needed to read before playing!
    2. Somarlane
      5 /5,
      Simple and straightforward. Terms used are clearly explained and the guide's organization sorts concepts into easily understood segments. A must-read (truly!) for any beginner to the game. (By the way, the proper word is "lieu," not "loo." One is French for "place" [as in replacement], the other is British slang for "toilet." ;)
      1. GeekMatt
        GeekMatt's Response
        Maybe I meant toilet!
    3. Caimie Tsukino
      Caimie Tsukino
      5 /5,
      I really like the arrangement of having a "Stigma", "Why" and "Break the Stigma" for the explanation of each class. It's a very clever way to present the information, making the reader easier to absorb and remember, and ultimately helping them to decide what class to choose to play. Well done, Matty!