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      I've seen a lot of complaints about gamepad users in general, and also complaints from people having a bit of difficulty as a gamepad user. This was put together for the latter group, us gamepad users. If you're sick of hearing people complain, find yourself having a hard time selecting targets, and/or sick of flipping around through the cross-hotbar to pages you don't need during battle, this is for you.

      How to customize the cross-hotbar:

      Go to Character Configuration > Hotbar Settings > Cross.


      In the example above, I have it set up so that hotbars 1, 2, and 4 will cycle when my weapon is sheathed. When my weapon is drawn, only hotbar 1 and 2 will cycle. What this means is that while in battle, pressing RB will never cycle over to my non combat related hotbars.

      So, 'Enable customization' select whatever you want for non-battle cycle, then for the next set just what you will use for battle. I'd also recommend one more setting change to compliment this one.

      Character Configuration > Control Settings > Character


      If you disable Auto-sheath, your weapon will stay out until you click the left stick to put it away. This is helpful in dungeons in between battles when you want to RB cycle hotbars, and not see your non-battle hotbars.

      One more thing I'd recommend is setting up target filtering.

      Character Configuration > Control Settings > Filter


      I strongly recommend enabling customization and at least using the LB+B (Enemies) cycling (and also Party Members if you heal and/or buff). This will help a lot during FATE and is just useful in general for certain situations. One other example where it was really useful was The Sunken Temple of Qarn near the end where you're fighting mobs near a 3 target interactive object. Normally you'd have to cycle past those targets to get to the enemies, but you can save yourself a headache in situations like this with target filtering.

      So those are my tips to my fellow gamepad users, and I hope that this little guide of mine helps you to have a better time playing. If there is anything you think I should add or change, let me know and I will edit this post if I feel it is necessary. Thanks for reading!
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