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      Welcome to your Chocobos Ultimate guide.

      Order of context for this guide
      Part 1: Obtaining your company Chocobo
      Part 2-1: Leveling your Chocobo: Intro
      Part 2-2: Chocobo Types and choices
      Part 2-3: Chocobo foods
      Part 2-4: Chocobo Leveling
      Part 3: Chocobo color dyeing.
      Part 4: Chocobo Bardings

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      7/23/2015 1:20am GMT-6: Added Chocobo Foods and effects per request of Caimie.
      7/24/2015 10:39am GMT-6: Fixed errors in the guide. Revised the leveling process.
      8/10/2015 3:50pm GMT-6: Added better explanation on how to level post lvl10 Thanks to Caimie for clarification!

      Part 1: Obtaining your company Chocobo.
      1. To gain your chocobo you must first complete the main story quest "The company you keep" and do their respective Grand company story quest to join them.

      2. Despite your choice in Grand Company, you will need to gain 2000 Grand Company Seals and purchase the "Grand Company name-chocobo Issuance".

      3. Pick the GC - Grand Company you chose and click the following.

      Immortal Flames (open)

      Issuing NPC: Swift

      Ul'dah - Steps of Nald-Hall of Flames (8-8)

      Twin Adder (open)

      Issuing NPC: Vorsaile Heuloix

      New Gridania -Adders' Nest (9-11)

      Maelstrom (open)

      Issuing NPC: R'ashaht Rhiki

      Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks -Maelstrom Command (13-12)

      4. Now you need to complete the following quest to summon your chocobo as a companion. "My Feisty Little Chocobo" Quest Giver: Docette - South Shroud (X:17Y:28)
      *You will need a Grysahl Greens to complete this quest. You can get them from a vendor in the nearby camp or via the market board.

      5. Finally you need to complete the sidequest "Bird in Hand" to unlock Chocobo raising and training.
      This is important to level your chocobo asap with Free Company utilities and food etc,

      Quest Giver: Luquelot - Central Shroud (X:20Y:21)

      6. Congrats! you now should have your company chocobo and be able to do everything needed with it!

      Part 2-1: Leveling your Chocobo: Intro

      Something you must comprehend before starting to level your chocobo is that It is no matter what going to take a LONG time to finish from Rank 1 all the way to 10 Not even to mention ranks 10-20.
      For example Rank 10 will require 1.5 million XP total. Can you imagine when your chocobo is only getting 50% of your own killed xp in the open world how long that is going to take? Don't worry though too much updates have made this slightly easier.
      Ready for the grind? Let's get this started.

      Basic concepts and info.​
      1. Your chocobo takes 50% of your total xp you gain from monsters.
      2. Your chocobo reduces your overall xp gain by 20% so if you would get 100xp solo with a chocobo out you will only get 80xp.
      3. Your chocobo timer does not deplete when you mount your chocobo after summoning it.
      4. You will need approximately 300 grysahl Greens if you aren't lazy about leveling your chocobo.
      5. For this leveling guide to be as effective as possible you will need to have a lvl 50 job and be in a FC with a chocobo stable with either You or someone keeping it checked on hourly.
      6. Your chocobo will max out it's level at Rank 10 however you can use Thavnairian Onions to unlock the next lvl all the way up to Rank 20.
      7. Chocobo skills can be reset by using a Reagan Pepper which is purchased from your grand company's billmaster for 20 allied seals or 48,000 Grand Company seals from the quartermaster.

      Part 2-2: Chocobo Types and your choice.

      The three types of Chocobos are Healers, Defenders and Attackers.
      In the past Defenders have been known to have poor AI and even today with 3.0 out and active, It is un sure if the AI has been fixed or adjusted as No patch notes have addressed the AI of the defenders.

      Defender Chocobos seak to take aggro from the player and protect the player with their skills and abilities.

      Healing Chocobos seak to keep away from the foe and heal the player with magic support attempting to help keep the player alive in battle.

      Attacker Chocobo's fight the enemy with the player using offensive abilities and skills.

      Ultimately the choice of what type is up to you.
      Due note if you want to get all 3 types of bardings you will need to level your chocobo to Rank 10 3 times fully. If you make a bad choice you can reset their level.
      I chose Healer for my chocobo because it is the all around MOST useful in my opinion.

      Part 2-3: Chocobo Food
      There are 5 difeerent foods that you can feed to your chocobo. While I advise the use of only curial fruits durring leveling, You can use others as you see fit.
      Food name : Basic Effect Name : Favorite Food Effect

      Curiel Root: Companion EXP Up Companion EXP Up II
      Sylkis Bud: Companion Attack Up Companion Attack Up II
      Mimett Gourd: Companion Healing Potency Up Companion Healing Potency Up II
      Tantalplant: Companion Maximum HP Up Companion Maximum HP Up II
      Pahsana Fruit: Companion Enmity Up Companion Enmity Up II
      Q: Why Curiel roots? they are so expensive!

      A: They offer a flat 10% buff to your chocobos mob kill xp and 20% when favorite. That's the dif between 90xp and a 100xp at lower levels and when your chocobo eats so much xp for a single level trust me over time that makes a big dif. If you can afford it great, If you can't don't worry too much about it but assume that you will be taking an extra 3-5 hours leveling.

      Basic Krakka roots offer No additional benefit.
      Using them to feed at a chocobo stable offers 1000x their current level in XP.
      This means a lvl5 chocobo would get 5 thousand XP.

      If you are ONLY using the chocobo stable to level your chocobo Please Do NOT use curiel roots. The bonus XP is for enemy kill xp Not feed trained xp. Save yourself the X amount of money.

      Part 2-4: Chocobo Leveling

      Once you have made your choice in your chocobo style Now It is time to fight!
      Leveling your chocobo can be easy and hard at the same time, but ultimately Time consuming.
      Lets start with what I believe is the best option and way to level your chocobo.
      each option will be in an "spoiler" box So it's more compact and neat.

      Option A: FATEs + Food with Free Company help
      Option A (open)
      This option will require the following tools and items.
      1. A Free Company with a Chocobo Stable​
      2. Curiel Root x99​
      3. Krakka Root x99​
      4. Grysahl Greens x99​
      5. Preferably a class or job in the low 40s for the max XP per mob.​
      Leveling low level jobs / classes.
      Grand Company Seals for items to sell or use later on.
      Items to sell on the market board sometimes worth 100 each or more. (It adds up)

      More effective for lvling lower level jobs.
      Speed of lvling is also dependent on players doing fates in the area as well, while fates are soloable they run faster when in more populated areas.
      Still takes forever because that's how chocoBros work.

      Here is the steps I would take going with this option.

      1. Take your new chocobo to your FC stable and Train him with a Krakka Root.
      * Make sure the Stable is clean for Max XP.

      2. Retrieve your Chocobo, It's 1 hour PER feed.

      3. Try to use any XP bonus effects you can, and ask your FC to use Mans best friend to increase Chocobo XP ontop of the Curiel Root's.
      * Your xp bonus ultimately gives your chocobo bonus xp because they get a larger pool to get their % from.

      5. Teleport to Coerthas Central Highlands and run FATEs this will get you a multitude of items and hopefully will help you level up as well.
      * Mount your chocobo in between FATE spawns to prevent the summon time to decrease as fast.

      6. Approximately 20 FATEs will = 1 hour but keep a timer on hand if you can.

      7. Every hour feed your Chocobo Krakka Root's for as much XP as possible.

      If done properly you should be able to get your chocobo to level 10 with about 35 Curiel Roots between summons.​

      Option B: Spiritbonding + Free company help
      Option B (open)
      This option will require the following tools and items for maximum efficiency.
      1. A FC with access to a Chocobo Stable.
      2. A level 50+ "AOE" capable job such as WHM BRD BLM (WHM works best)
      3. Curiel Roots x50-75 +
      4. Friends to make the process less burdening.
      High money output from converting gear into materia.
      Potentially faster and more effective with larger groups Vs the running between fates on Option A.
      Fairly easy to find spiritbonding groups on most populated servers normally and even as of 3.0.

      Requires a steeper investment of food due to not mounting your chocobo as much being in 1 area normally.
      If you are on a lower populated server It may be near impossible to find a party and the process can be GREATLY slowed down compared to Option A.

      The following is the steps I would take for this process

      1. assuming you just got your Chocobo and or is still unfed Go to the FC house and stable your chocobo. Feed it 1 Krakka fruit.

      2. Try to use any XP bonus effects you can, and ask your FC to use Mans best friend to increase Chocobo XP ontop of the Curiel Root's.​
      * Your xp bonus ultimately gives your chocobo bonus xp because they get a larger pool to get their % from.

      3. Take your chocobo out with the curiel root for the xp bonus and grab a party to form Friends FC members family or Party Finder groups.
      You want to head to Urths Fount for Spiritbonding when people ask you what your doing.

      4. Try to get a crafter to make you lvl 47+ HQ gear. (HQ gear spiritbonds 20% faster = more profit faster)
      * Assuming this is done for EVERYONE An hour may already pass since your last chocobo feed. Make sure you feed him ASAP you get a major xp boost for feeding him.

      5. Once set with your gear and party head to the place. Urths fount in Quarrymill.
      * If you don't know how to work this place please youtube it It's somewhat difficult to explain the farming here as I've never done it sorry.

      6. Keep in touch with the time and every hour try to replace gear that's finished asap and feed your chocobo.

      7. Hopefully a few days of this nonstop and You're Chocobo will be ready for anything at rank 10 !​

      Post Level 10 Chocobos
      Overlimit Chocobos (open)
      After getting your chocobo to rank 10 you can max it's XP and you will need to summon it outside the city and kill 1 mob to level. After that you will need to feed it a Thavnairian Onion to unlock the next level. You must do this for every level from 10-20

      After you hit rank 20 Congrats! there is no more leveling or grinding.

      Leveling without a FC or Stable
      Solo Players (open)
      While the best way to level your chocobo is alongside with a FC and other Chocobos, I understand some people are solo or new and or don't have the money for a stable perhaps.

      Follow the guides the same way but exclude the FC and stable stuff.
      Try to get help from Linkshells and friends for Crafting gear and joining you for Fate lvling / farming.

      Part 3: Chocobo Dye

      Let's start this section with a note for ease of use.
      Items and sections and numbers will be colored in the RGB spectrum to make it obvious what attribute its doing and working on.

      Foods that affect a Chocobos color
      Apples - Pears - Berries deepen red, green, and blue, respectively.
      Plums - Valfruit - Pineapples Lighten red, green, and blue, respectively.

      All Chocobos start at
      Desert Yellow ( 219 180 87 ) and can be reset to this at any time by feeding the Chocobo a Han Lemon.


      Feeding Information (open)
      Feeding your chocobo a single fruit (other than a Han Lemon) will trigger the message, "[Chocobo Name]'s plumage will change in 6 hours." In that six hour time window, any fruits fed to the companion will be added to the cumulative value change.

      Each time you see the message, "[Chocobo Name] is beginning to grow new feathers!", your chocobo's current color value has moved into a new color's window. When the timer is up, the chocobo's feathers will change to the color their current value is nearest to.

      If the chocobo is removed from the stable at any time in this six hour period, the change will be canceled and all fruit fed will be lost.

      Food item effects.
      Food Effect (open)
      Han Lemon - Restores to Desert Yellow Default | 219 180 87
      Xelphatol Apple - | +5 -5 -5
      Doman Plum - | -5 +5 +5
      Mamook Pear - | -5 +5 -5
      Valfruit - | +5 -5 +5
      O'Ghomoro Berries - | -5 -5 +5
      Cieldalaes Pineapple - | +5 +5 -5

      Chocobo Color values
      Color Values (open)
      Snow White 228 223 208
      Ash Grey 172 168 162
      Goobbue Grey 137 135 132
      Slate Grey 101 101 101
      Charcoal Grey 72 71 66
      Soot Black 43 41 35
      Rose Pink 230 159 150
      Lilac Purple 131 105 105
      Rolanberry Red 91 23 41
      Dalamud Red 120 26 26
      Rust Red 98 34 7
      Wine Red 69 21 17
      Coral Pink 204 108 94
      Blood Red 145 59 39
      Salmon Pink 228 170 138
      Sunset Orange 183 92 45
      Mesa Red 125 57 6
      Bark Brown 106 75 55
      Chocolate Brown 110 61 36
      Russet Brown 79 45 31
      Kobold Brown 48 33 27
      Cork Brown 201 145 86
      Qiqirn Brown 153 110 63
      Opo-opo Brown 123 92 45
      Aldgoat Brown 162 135 92
      Pumpkin Orange 197 116 36
      Acorn Brown 142 88 27
      Orchard Brown 100 66 22
      Chestnut Brown 61 41 13
      Gobbiebag Brown 185 164 137
      Shale Brown 146 129 108
      Mole Brown 97 82 69
      Loam Brown 63 51 41
      Bone White 235 211 160
      Ul Brown 183 163 112
      Desert Yellow 219 180 87
      Honey Yellow 250 198 43
      Millioncorn Yellow 228 158 52
      Coeurl Yellow 188 136 4
      Cream Yellow 242 215 112
      Halatali Yellow 165 132 48
      Raisin Brown 64 51 17
      Mud Green 88 82 48
      Sylph Green 187 187 138
      Lime Green 171 176 84
      Moss Green 112 115 38
      Meadow Green 139 156 99
      Olive Green 75 82 50
      Marsh Green 50 54 33
      Apple Green 155 179 99
      Cactuar Green 101 130 65
      Hunter Green 40 75 44
      Ochu Green 64 99 57
      Adamantoise Green 95 117 88
      Nophica Green 59 77 60
      Deepwood Green 30 42 33
      Celeste Green 150 189 185
      Turquoise Green 67 114 114
      Morbol Green 31 70 70
      Ice Blue 178 196 206
      Sky Blue 131 176 210
      Seafog Blue 100 129 160
      Peacock Blue 59 104 134
      Rhotano Blue 28 61 84
      Corpse Blue 142 155 172
      Ceruleum Blue 79 87 102
      Woad Blue 47 56 81
      Ink Blue 26 31 39
      Raptor Blue 91 127 192
      Othard Blue 47 88 137
      Storm Blue 35 65 114
      Void Blue 17 41 68
      Royal Blue 39 48 103
      Midnight Blue 24 25 55
      Shadow Blue 55 55 71
      Abyssal Blue 49 45 87
      Lavender Purple 135 127 174
      Gloom Purple 81 69 96
      Currant Purple 50 44 59
      Iris Purple 183 158 188
      Grape Purple 59 42 61
      Lotus Pink 254 206 245
      Colibri Pink 220 155 202
      Plum Purple 121 82 108
      Regal Purple 102 48 78

      You will need to use a RGB color selector online such as this one Here to check out the color.

      Once you figure out what color you want you can begin calculating the food you feed to your chocobo.
      I will at some point get a guide on here for how to get every color from Desert Yellow but that's a LOT of work and I don't even have enough info to figure all that out right now I'm sorry. But it WILL come!

      Continuing the guide I have some final tips for you and notes.

      Final Notes (open)
      1. You can only feed your chocobo 6 times in every 6 hour period of their color change.
      2. Rotate your colors of feeding to make sure you don't max out a certain color before hand. ( feed R > G > B )
      3. Depending on what color you want It can take anywhere from 15 food - 60 Per color. So it's best to try to buy these from NPCs or farm them with your FC using gardening when possible.

      Part 4: Chocobo Bardings

      What are chocobo bardings?
      Chocobo Bardings are vanity items you can place onto your Chocobo.

      There are 3 slots Head body and feet. You can mix and match these with any barding items you may have on your Company chocobo.

      You can ONLY use bardings on your companion / Company Chocobo.

      Bardings pose NO attributes or buffs to you or your chocobo.​

      Below is a complete list of Bardings from 2.0 - 3.0
      Please use CTRL+F to find a specific barding if you know what the name of it is.

      Barding of Light
      Info (open)

      Veteran Reward: 360 Days

      Sovereign Barding​
      Info (open)
      Rewarded from: Leaving a Good Impression IV (300 commendations)

      Sleipnir Barding
      Info (open)

      Purchased from: NPC Aelina 5x Odin's Mantle POS: Ravenant's Toll (22-6)

      Highland Barding​
      Info (open)

      Highland Barding.png
      Crafted from: Lvl40 Leatherworker

      Ishgardian Barding​
      Info (open)

      Ishgardian Barding.png
      Purchased from Ardolain for 350 Centurio Seals

      Ul'dahn Crested Barding​
      Info (open)

      Uldahn Crested Barding.png
      Purchased from Flame Quartermaster for 8,000 Grand Company Seals

      Gambler Barding​
      Info (open)

      Gambler Barding.png
      Purchased from Gold Saucer prize claim 20,000 MGP

      Orthodox Barding​
      Info (open)

      Orthodox Barding.png
      Crafted from: Lvl139 Weaver

      Ul'dahn Half Barding​
      Info (open)

      uldahn half barding.png
      Purchased from Flame Quatermaster for 4,000 Grand Company Seals.

      Expanse Barding​
      Info (open)

      Crafted from: Lvl160 Armorer

      Gridanian Barding​
      Info (open)

      Purchased from Serpent Quatermaster for 6,000 Grand Company Seals

      Ice Barding​
      Info (open)

      Ice Barding.png
      Crafted from: Lvl110 Leatherworker

      Tidal Barding​
      Info (open)

      Tidal Barding.png
      Crafted from: Lvl90 Armorer

      Behemoth Barding​
      Info (open)

      Behemoth Barding.png
      Bonus item from A Realm Reborn Collectors Editon.

      Ishgardian Half Barding​
      Info (open)

      Rewarded from FATE "Vedrfolnir Devoteth" in The Churning Mists with Gold rating.

      Hive Barding​
      Info (open)

      Crafted from: Lvl160 Armorer

      Eerie Barding​
      Info (open)

      Can be bought from NPC Shady Smock. Available during All Saints Wake 2014.

      Plumed Barding​
      Info (open)

      Achievement award, you have to have an FC house + Chocobo Stable and tend another players Chocobo 30 times (doesn't have to be the same player). This is only a head piece, not full barding.

      Starlight Barding​
      Info (open)

      Obtained during the 2013 christmas/winter holiday event.

      Noble Barding
      A 3.0 item that has yet to be discovered.

      Paramour Barding​
      Info (open)

      Quest reward from "Now that we've found love" Seasonal event quest.

      Gridanian Half Barding​
      Info (open)

      Gridanian Half Barding.png
      Purchased from Serpent Quartermaster for 4,000 Grand Company Seals

      Lominsan Barding​
      Info (open)

      Purchased from Storm Quartermaster for 6,000 Grand Company Seals

      Lominsan Crested Barding​
      Info (open)

      Lominsan Crested Barding.png
      Purchased from Storm Quartermaster for 8,000 Grand Company Seals

      Lominsan Half Barding​
      Info (open)

      Purchased from Storm Quartermaster for 4,000 Grand Company Seals

      Black Mage Barding​
      Info (open)

      Black mage barding.png
      Rank 4 Veteran Reward (180 days)

      Ul'dahn Barding​
      Info (open)

      Purchased from Storm Quartermaster for 6,000 Grand Company Seals

      Gridanian Crested Barding​
      Info (open)
      Purchased from Serpent Quatermaster for 8,000 Grand Company Seals

      Levin Barding​
      Info (open)
      Crafted from: Lvl90 Leatherworker

      White Mage Barding​
      Info (open)

      The White Mage barding is for lvling your chocobo up to lvl10 and putting all points into one of the three trees (Healer).

      Paladin Barding​
      Info (open)

      The Paladin barding is for lvling your chocobo up to lvl10 and putting all points into one of the three trees (Defender).

      Dragoon Barding​
      Info (open)

      The Dragoon barding is for lvling your chocobo up to lvl10 and putting all points into one of the three trees (Attack).

      Flyer Shaffron​
      Info (open)

      Quest reward for: "I believe I can fly" Lvl 52.

      Egg Harness​
      Info (open)

      This is a reward from completing the quest Hard-boiled during the Hatching-tide (2014) event.

      Thank you for reading my guide I hope it covered everything you wanted to know and if you have any ideas please let me know ! feel free to rate and like appropriately as you see fit. Thank you!

      Some images are missing I couldn't find images to use If you have any please let me know and I will credit you in the bottom of the guide Thank you.​

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