Dragon Quest XI (including previous series as well)

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by Bobbin Threadbare, Jan 2, 2019.

  1. Bobbin Threadbare

    Bobbin Threadbare Adventurer

    Currently playing this while waiting for patch 4.5. I must say that this one really reminds me of both Final Fantasy 6 & Chrono Trigger/Cross in a concept.

    Besides that, this is not my 1st DQ game I played. Previously finished DQ1 on NES, then DQ8 on PS2, and DQ9 on NDS. One of huge drawback that kept me from enjoying whole series is huge lack of US releases way back then and when whole series finally got official english translations much later on, I can't find good time to try enjoying them. One of big fave from these series are their orchestrated soundtracks which I really enjoy, and I guess mostly the way I enjoy this series. My best fave is DQ5 and I really planning to someday finish this one. Did play quite long on SNES fan-translations but got halted due to reasons I forgot and probably unable to continue since I really forgot what I was doing last time. ^^;

    Other that I also played & stopped midway is DQ6, also probably forgot my last progress like DQ5 did. Tried DQ7 on PS1 but for some reason, the intro takes way too long & confusing, I stopped. Also, out of all series, I felt like DQ2 also being game I probably way less interested since it's really lacking any promotional infos unlike other series which does attracts me personally, so I'm hoping someone would enlighten me on this particular one.

    Back to DQ11, I've also noticed many BGM remixes from previous series, especially DQ3. While it's kinda nice, it felt like DQ11 own soundtrack selection felt weaker that previous series.

    btw, a bit spoiler:
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    Since DQ11 kinda prequel to DQ3, might probably playing it once finished with DQ11. Hopefully... ;)
    I guess by hearing alot of old BGM remixes in DQ11 kinda already hinted this.

  2. avensis

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    I still have not taken Dragon Quest XI on PC because I prefer to wait for the Switch version .. I hope they have a good version!
    What is unfortunate is that I was interested in the 3DS version that will never come to us.

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  3. Jinzuku

    Jinzuku Vice Administrator

    I'm currently going through DQXI too on PS4. I can't believe how long this game is.

    The only other Dragon Quest game I've played is VIII, which was really good.

    I have to say, it's nice playing a proper old school JRPG again.

  4. Bobbin Threadbare

    Bobbin Threadbare Adventurer

    yea, from my initial research, 3DS version does contain unique content that differs/not found on their console iteration. DQ7 also differs between original PS1 release & remake on 3DS, in which the opening adventure sequence has been trimmed greatly from original PS1 which was way too long before even getting into 1st battle, along with consolidating features that originally requires alot of trekking into more simplified manners. DQ8 on 3DS also features two additional recruit-able heroes as well.

    However, this is not 1st time DQ series has unique content not found on original releases. DQ3 for one, features extended lengthy opening scene & personality test mini game for building up your hero before actually starting the game itself, though I heard android/ios version omitted these, dunno if the recent 3DS release includes them or not.

    Also, from what I heard. DQ11 Switch version would feature marriage system not found on older releases, & even rumored that it's not strictly normal ones. Sounds like Bioware games... ^^;

  5. Ish

    Ish Scion

    I just finished it last night on PS4, well .. i mean i will not spoil it and leave it at that, lol
    Only gripe i have had with the Dragon Quest games is you grind and grind levels thinking oh yeah i will be great, get to a boss and it mops the floor with you, go grind some more, beat it and same thing happens for next fight, lol.

    Thankfully by the end of the game i learned and did get better and the game truly was great. Love Dragon Quest otherwise and the Tale series :)

  6. Bobbin Threadbare

    Bobbin Threadbare Adventurer


    btw, recently saw trailer for Switch and sadly, think they're gonna be like their console version, which makes 3DS port it's own unique experience. And from what I also recently learned from someone's stream, one of unique content is the ability to revisit world of previous DQ series, even down to their NES/Famicom look-alike & even also includes the online version only DQ10. I really wish there was some sort of info regarding these exclusive content, like the story behind it (or each of the worlds, not talking from their original respective games), the goal, anything else... :?

    Guess my only hope is someone would actually pick this up as fan translation project. ^^;

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