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      Bokairo Inn Jumping Puzzle

      Hello and welcome to my guide for the Bokairo Inn jumping puzzle located in the northwest corner of Kugane. To make it to the top of the inn will require you to complete a number of jumps from platform to platform and scale the outer roof of the inn itself. This is one of the easier jumping puzzles in Kugane and should prove little challenge to seasoned platformers.

      While the jumps are not relatively difficult, FFXIV was not designed with platforming in mind and some of jumps will require a bit of trial and error to find the sweet spots to properly execute them. To further make things difficult, there are a few invisible walls that can trip you up if you hit them just so and and the camera can become a total nightmare to fight with in some of the tight corners of the buildings you’ll be jumping off of.

      In order to make the jumps you will have to move forward at least one step and then jump to have any kind of forward momentum. If you simply jump and then try to move forward, you will gain no ground and possibly fall off the platform you are on when you land. One jump you will use is a “bunny hop” which you make by moving forward, jump and then stop moving forward while midair to land a short distance. The other type of jump you have to “commit to” by jumping while moving forward and then keep going to make the jump only to stop when you land. Jumps you usually have to “commit to” are over large gaps in the platforms or facing long falls as you try to land on a platform sticking out into thin air. In the end you’ll need to practice both for yourself to get the feel for how the jumps work and which type to use for a given jump.

      How you tackle the issues of the camera are up to you but a couple things I can suggest are to move the camera in somewhat close so you can better see what jump you are looking at. Keeping the camera far out allows you so see more of the area but can lead to it being blocked by other structures and lead to some jarring angles as the camera pops in an out of the geometry. You might also find it helpful to change your movement style in the settings if one method seems to trip you up more.

      So with all that said, time to channel your inner ninja warrior and let’s hop to it.

      Bokairo Inn: Section 1

      • 1.a - Start from the Aetheryte Shard outside the Bokairo Inn and jump to the stone railing surrounding the little courtyard where the shard is.
      • 1.b - Jump from the stone railing on to the top of the houses with the teal tile roof.
      • 1.c - Run along the roof until you come to the first rope with lanterns and cross along the rope to the teal tile roof on the other side of the street. Do NOT drop down or you will have to run all the way east to get out of that section then run all the way west to start again.

      Bokairo Inn: Section 2


      • 2.a - Run up the side of the teal roof to the top and face the grey tile roof to your west.
      • 2.b - Jump from the top of the teal roof to the grey tile roof.
      • 2.c - Run up the side of the grey roof to the top and the next section of jumps.

      Bokairo Inn: Section 3


      • 3.a - Run down the opposite side of the roof toward the upper floor of the inn and jump to the brown ledge along the front of the building.
      • 3.b - Run along the ledge until you come to the red railing.
      • 3.c - Walk along the red railing then turn to look at the sign that is over the entrance to the Bokairo Inn.
      • 3.d - Jump from the rail to the corner of the sign and turn to face the building. You should see a small post that juts out from the wall.
      • 3.e - Jump from the corner of the sign up to the small post by “bunny hopping”. This is the first real jump in the jump puzzle and while not difficult it can be easy to over shoot the first coupe times you try if you’re not used to how jumping feels in FFXIV. If so, simply walk along the red railing back to the sign corner and retry again.
      • 3.f - Jump from the small post to the long post sticking out just below the roof of the second level. This is a jump you have to “commit to” as landing short will cause you to fall to the courtyard where the Aetheryte Shard is and you’ll have to start all the way back at the very beginning. One trick that can help is to turn your camera so that you have to jump to the side like in a traditional platformer. Another thing to keep in mind is that the roof causes a bit of an invisible wall closer to the building so you want to try and jump to the outer edge of the post to land the jump.
      • 3.g - Jump from the post to the top of the roof and then walk up to the next section of the jumping puzzle.

      Bokairo Inn: Section 4


      • 4.a - Jump up from the grey roof to the red railing.
      • 4.b - Run along the red railing towards the red wall that lines the front of the building. You should see more small posts sticking out of it.
      • 4.c - Jump from the red railing to the small post furthest away from you. You will need to “commit to” this jump but be warned that missing it can land you all the way back at the very start of the puzzle. Turn your camera so you have to jump sideways to help line up the jump.
      • 4.d - Turn around and jump from the first small post to the second by “bunny hopping”. Again turn your camera so you jump sideways if you can’t properly see the jump.
      • 4.e - From the second small post, jump to the long post that sticks out the front of the building. You will need to “commit to” this jump and try to land to the outer edge of the post as the roof can cause an invisible wall issue of you jump to close to the building. Again turn your camera sideways if you are having trouble lining up the jump. If you miss here, you will likely just land back at the beginning of Section 4 and can try again.

      Bokairo Inn: Section 5


      • 5.a - This is a continuation of the jumps from Section 4 and the final stretch. Jump from the long post you landed on in Section 4.e to the second long post just below the edge of the roof. Again you will need to “commit to” this jump but be warned that missing this one means landing all the way back at the beginning of section 3. And as before be mindful to jump to the outer edge of the post as the roof causes another invisible wall issue.
      • 5.b - Simply jump from the post to the top of the grey roof.
      • 5.c - Run up along the grey roof to the top of the Inn.

      Bokairo Inn: Section 6


      • 6.a - Congratulations! You have completed the jumping puzzle for the Bokairo Inn. Be sure to have a nice /sit in the hot tub and enjoy soaking in the warm water. You earned it.

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