FFXIV: ARR Summoner Gameplay, [PvE till we get PvP]

FFXIV: ARR Summoner Gameplay, [PvE till we get PvP]
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  1. Asuunai
    Higher ping lagg, dc vs NA servers in Canada and NA.
    you will have better ms quality than EU players still unfair.
    while EU need pay for Battleping 5 dollar extra playing pvp that just stupid.
    If lagg/delayed during fight 3-5 seconds more. I have already lost regardless the that skilled meet evenly matched player will still f**k me because delays i would get. I'm not gonna pay 5 dollar extra month just rent battleping or wtf
    Tell me why do have are own servers at own region any in other mmo if are form NA please go download Aion or Tera played PvP or deul some one tell out 10 fights how times you lost because lagg, delay and dc. here you go please fraps your results


    Sep 5, 2013
  2. Lobselvith
    I would have to disagree, there are players that Suck in NA and I have encountered them,
    There have been times my ping would suck, and do just as you say lag for a second or two, and I would think I was dead, and I thought I was dead, but then I was back in the game and saw I was still alive. and beat the other guy because I had more skill as a player.

    I wouldn't give up on pvp just because of lag or latency you can still enjoy it.
    Sep 5, 2013
  3. Asuunai
    It doenst mater how good you are still bad against NA players. it will be unfair if get a delay of 1 or more seconds
    Remember delay 3 - 4 seconds lost several times because couldn't cast my spells while playing Aion NA or had a wipe count heal the tank because of a 2 - 3 seconds lagg/delay even when used battleping. My friend form Turkey was playing NA dc often even while has better internet than me. Ask any good die hard pvper delay/lagg of 2-5 seconds is fatal moment
    That why will not pvp until there is a official European server in Germany or any other EU country. It would be unfair EU players that there reacquired pay for 5 dollar extra pm for Battleping or wtf
    Sep 5, 2013
  4. Lobselvith
    it maybe tough, but I'm sure there will be good players in EU that will make up for the higher latency, with better skill. I'm looking forward to some good PvP!
    Sep 5, 2013
  5. Asuunai
    I Love your video ^^
    I wonder how pvp its gonna work out for EU players playing with 150 300ms
    Sep 4, 2013