3.4: Best and Worst

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by GeekMatt, Oct 1, 2016.

  1. GeekMatt

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    So the patch has been live for a while now, what does everyone think? What's the best and worst aspects of FFXIV in this age of 3.4?

    My favourite, if it isn't obvious, is the buffs to Astrologian. I know people think it was too much, but I really think there's a good balance between the three healers right now.

    My least favourite thing in the patch is the new dungeons. I know this is blasphemous, because really Gubal HM is one of the best dungeons post 50, but I use to love dungeons more than anything in this game. Now I look at them and they're made so easy that the subtle differences don't stand out, while the bulk of the content is identical from one to the next. Each of the pre 50 dungeons felt like a unique experience, and at the time that they were relevant the early 50 dungeons also felt relatively unique. Now it's a standard experience from Wanderers Palace and Amdapor'S Keep to Xelphatol and the Great Gubal Library, which is a lot of content over the years.

  2. Yosuke

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    One of my favorite things of this patch are the new savage tier, WT (I think this brought old content back again in some sort of way) and the MSQ.
    For least I would say the unnecessary additions to GS. That level of development for minion roulette or Triad df seems unnecessary to me.

    Oh I also like squadrons

  3. Maaja

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    Bryn, Siren
    For the experience I've has with it, Wondrous Tails has brought groups of people together to run some of the best content in the game & some of the worst. Pulling together a ragtag group of friends, some who know each other, some who don't, to go into all these different things has been so much fun! Plus, even tho the rewards are random, they are still pretty good.

    Squadrons are different. I enjoy the new dungeons, as always (until they're done to death). The new Alex is AMAZING! Looking forward to getting into savage now, rather than later. Sophia is lots of fun, both NM & Ex. It's a well received patch, for me.

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