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    This should explain exactly why I hate adds, I get you may need money to run the site but this place feels like It has such a large community, why not let the members pay and donate to that instead of promoting THIS ^ to so many new players who won't know better.

  2. Jinzuku

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    We don't get to choose the adverts that are displayed therefore can't control which ones show up. You do have the option on adverts to click the X in the top right corner to say it's not relevant to you and that'll stop you seeing similar adverts. If I remember right, the adverts are controlled by a third party site (I want to say Google but not sure) which shows you adverts based on your browsing preferences.

    It's a good idea to give members the option to donate to the realm and it'll allow us to do more for the site. It's something worth suggesting to @Fybrile so he can ask the powers that be.

    We apologise for the gil buying advert but simply turning off adverts would just mean the site wouldn't be able to survive and would have to be closed (which no one wants). We had them down temporarily due to site upgrades.

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    I think it also depends on how heavy server costs are. This site seems to have relatively heavy traffic so it might be high and pure donations won't be sustainable.
    If the owners are willing they could try experimenting with donations + reduced ads or go with a patreon style where if enough people pledge it can be taken out all together.

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    Exactly. I doubt donations alone would sustain the site. As far as I know we break-even with ad revenue just being enough to cover costs of the site.

    The only thing that could possibly replace adverts is to have one of those "VIP" systems where if you subscribe to the realm you get benefits. I personally wouldn't want to do that as it's a cheap tactic and think adverts are a small price to pay not to have it.

    Besides I never look at adverts on sites, couldn't even tell you what the last advert even said. It's like the vegetarian section of a menu, I don't even acknowledge its existence.

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    WHAT! They actually do a vegetarian section? :dizzy:

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    Just some quick research to try to reply objectively.

    Ads on other FFXIV sites & related sites:

    1. Reddit - 2 (banner at the top masked as a thread and a medium sidebar ad).
    2. Gamer Escape - 3 (banner at the top & bottom and a large sidebar ad).
    3. Bluegartr - 1 (banner at the top)
    4. XIVDB - 3 (banner in the header - eww! - at the bottom and a large sidebar ad which also begins in the header - ewwwwww!).
    5. The FFXIV Facebook Page - 2 (fake post & a small sidebar ad)

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