Aerian Elcarus - Eorzean Beginnings

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    **So this is the tale of how poor Aerian wound up the Warrior of Light in Eoarzea**

    Part 1 - Arrival

    Aerian hit the ground the wind driven out of her as she lay flat on her back looking up to the sky, crystal clear blue skies. It didn’t take her long before she knew something was amiss awkwardly she sat looking around her surrounding, blinking a moment as she adjusted to the light as the pain behind her eyes subsided slightly.

    She flexed her head and was quick to notice she now seemed to sport a set of feline ears, a quick check of the rest of herself and a tail later she groaned.

    "Oh great I've become the crazy cat lady" She flopped back onto the ground and kicked idly "Damn interdimensional rules"

    "Are you alright there miss" She heard the voice but only found its source as she sat up to see a young girl looking down at her "You seem out of sorts"

    "Me? Um... no just … gah I don't know hard to explain I guess" Aerian replied

    "Well we get out of sorts here, you should take a trip to Brentbranch Meadows, I'm sure there's someone there who can help" The girl replied with a smile, Aerian sat and nodded

    "Thanks" She stood then stopped offering her hand "Aerian, pleasure to meet you"

    The girl shook her hand gently then pointed to collection tents and the stables that she assumed would be Brentbranch Meadows, and as she collected her bow she bowed slightly and then turned heading toward the stables.

    She was aware enough to note the vast variety of people coming and going, smaller folk ambled past as did the more surely dark skinned folk, leaving her to wonder where the hell she'd ended up. The only thing she knew for certain in that moment is she was no longer home in The Everlands.

    This realm it seemed was inhabited by several races, which was nothing new to her, most realms housed a few races, each in an endless variety, her own been home to elves, trolls, even fairies, so most races were not entirely new to her, she was however fairly sure she had never set foot in this realm before nor had she ever become some kind of kitten.

    She neared the edge of the decked area as she made her way toward a gate the rather tall man dressed in green blocked her path.

    "An adventurer here I take it?" His tone surly and he eyed Aerian with an odd expression, she plastered on her sweetest smile and nodded

    "Yup, I'm here for fame and fortune" She made a show of allowing his to see the bow at her back

    "Alright then Miss, just don't causing any trouble or you will have the Wood Wailers to be dealing with"

    "Me trouble?" Her voice oddly sweet as she nodded and then headed in as she passed the stall she made a point of buying a much better and far more comfortable outfit, unsure as to how she had any money in this world she let the thought slide, at least now she didn't stick out like a sore thumb. She took a few minutes to gather provisions and then headed for another rather surly looking woman by the tent.

    "Well another bloody adventuring type I see" She snapped in a rather cold tone

    "Um … yea sort of, I just sort of need to know where I ended up" Aerian replied softly, she could feel the knot of frustration burning in her gut but she knew better than to let that free right now, it would after all do her no good.

    "This is the Central Shroud, part of the great state of Gridania, I would have thought an adventurer would already know that" The woman snapped back

    "Mm, well I sort of just arrived, so trying to find my way" Aerian replied again plastering a smile on her face, mentally noting down each thing she was now been told

    "Ah well, names Audrie lass and I'll tell you what, if you head down to the Chocobo Stable at the end of the Meadow here, lads name is Luquelot, if you tell him I sent you he'll lend you a Chocobo which will take you to Gridania, go have a word with Madam Miounne I'm sure she will set you right"

    "Thank you" Aerian bowed slightly then spun on her heel and headed as directed, her mind now wondering what in the hell a Chocobo was, what she saw she wasn't quite ready for.

    **I'm just re-editing some of these so the next part will be coming soon**

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