Looking For any English speaking, casual FC in Typhon?

Discussion in 'Typhon' started by khw118, Sep 15, 2013.

  1. khw118

    khw118 Adventurer

    Like the title said, I'd love to join a casual and chill FC that chat in english, am a level 22 Pugilist, the name is Daenerys Targarien (i know...), a lady Miqo'te, do get in touch!
    On the other hand, if anyone interested in starting a FC on our own, I'll be interested too, cheers.

  2. Laluki

    Laluki New Member

    Hiya Daenerys, wonder if you are still playing in Typhon? Im just wondering around with my lvl 1 Marauder XD looking for English speaking ppl and yet haven't come across one until I found this thread :)

    If you still playing You may pm me XD at >> Kaskire Kobek Im on GMT +7 zone though so...hmm.. let me calculate ...tick tick
    ....my usual time playing is between PDT (Pacific Daylight Time) 4.30 Am - 10:30 Am....

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