Booty Luv <BOOTY> - [Rank 5] PvP/Raid focus {you can have this}

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  1. Sayura

    Sayura Crystal Brave

    Booty Luv <BOOTY>

    Booty Luv is a smaller-sized PvP and raiding focused Free Company recruiting all classes/levels for:
    • PvP - All aspects, heavy focus
    • Raiding - Crystal Tower 24-man/Coils/Dungeons
    • Crafting - Housing
    • Social (we're very chatty)
    Booty Luv is looking for more people to join us for PvP and new 24-man raid as we level up our alts, gathering, and crafting classes in the meantime. We enjoy being social on mumble and looking forward to Free Company housing.

    24hr 5% EXP boost active at all times, mumble, and 100+ members and counting with many being new players running the lower level dungeons together.

    Do you have a big booty? A small booty? An average booty? Join Booty Luv today for the love of bootys world-wide. {You can have this}

    Sayura Ava
    Dreadlock Rasta

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