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    Hello peers. My FC Elite Noobs is looking for new members. It doesn't matter if you're a new player or a veteran, active or casual player. You can join if you want a place in our crazy little family.

    Many of us are casual players with RL responsibilities. Some you will find almost 24/7 but others will be online in the evening to balance out their day and participate in fun conversations during game play.

    We love to help anyone who needs it. The only thing you have to do is ask. We are not a hardcore endgame raiding fc but we would not be against it to try raids if interested and if enough people participate in it.

    As soon as our fc has grown we will be doing events for the new players as well as new content which we will try to schedule to the time frame of everyone. RL is important so we will take that into consideration.

    We have a large house all inclusive, buffs active 24/7, currently we achieved rank 9. We use discord which you can use for events or just to get to know each other. We do not bite so feel free to join a channel.

    If you're interested in joining us, contact myself (Teirathel Minami) or Micheal Darklight ingame. If we are not available at the moment you're online, feel free to contact any <Noobs> member. They all have the right to invite you.

    Hope to see you soon ingame

    Teirathel Minami

: LFM, Ragnarok

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