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    Who We are:

    Covenant of the Phoenix is an international gaming community that maintains high standards of game play while still maintaining a close-knit family atmosphere.

    The guild was established in 1997 on the Great Lakes server of Ultima Online and was founded on the principles of loyalty, honor, and brotherhood and thrives because online adventure games are more fun in the company of kindred spirits. We have consistently been involved in many of the most active MMORPG PvP servers, including AC's Darktide, SWG's Bloodfin, AOC's Doomsayer, Darkfall's EU and NA servers as well as PvP servers in Rift, SWTOR, Vanguard, CoV, EVE, Wurm, ArcheAge and PFO among many many others.

    Since it’s inception, CotP has branched out into a wide variety of MMOs and other games. Visit our site to see all the games we are playing. We also run servers for FPS games, Space Engineers and our own Life is Feudal server. www.cotp.ino

    We offer several weekly event to tear us away from the weekly/daily grinds. One event is dedicated to helping free company members clear current or old content. We have another dedicated to introducing new players to raiding. We also have really fun events like Map Mondays and Frontlines Friday, which we dedicate one night to PvP.

    We have two active raid groups into Alexander Savage. One group is at the enrage of A1, the second has made it to the first jump of A1.

    We have a very large and active mumble server. Our large free company house is located at Mist ward 4, lot 5.

    What we are looking for:

    We are currently looking to fill 1 melee DPS spot for one of our raid groups. We are also looking for one BRD or MCH, and also a SCH or an AST for our other raid group. We are also interested in making another full raid group once these spots are filled and the demand exists.

    If you don’t raid that is ok, we are also looking for just active members in general. We cater to pretty much every type of player. We have company airships for our players who just like to craft, and we are always looking for more crafters/gatherers. If you are a casual player that just plays to have fun and for the story, we are looking for you too!

    If you have any questions feel free to reply here, or in game Rain Epocan. If I’m not available please message Lho’a Tayuun, Fatalia Mordeth, or Soulless Moon. Check out our website

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