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    Dark Armada is currently recruiting for end-game content, we are very much in need of ranged DPS classes at the moment. We are not averse to adding tanks or healers who are well versed in their class, but we currently have a decent amount of both. Black Mages, Summoners and Bards are in high demand right now. Most of our core members at this time are running hard mode primals and AK runs for tomestones, so we have groups almost constantly going throughout the day. We also field groups regularly for bosses related to the Relic Reborn questline (aside from the aforementioned primals).

    With server transfers opening up, and being free for the first 5 days, I know there will be a lot of people looking to relocate. If you're a DPS in a FC with too many, or on a server where you feel like there are no spots left for you, feel free to come join us. We commonly refer to ourselves as "the 1%" because we're that rare guild who is just fine on tanks and healers, but we are constantly searching for good DPS.

    Website: http://darkarmada.enjin.com/home

    Just register and shoot me a message if interested, my name on the forum is Indica.

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    I think I need to go and post in the "pet peeve" thread. :p

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    Fixed it for you. Don't judge me :)

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