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Discussion in 'The Realm Noticeboard' started by joshua david, Dec 15, 2015.

  1. joshua david

    joshua david Crystal Brave

    Hello all.

    Thought I'd make a simple little thread about... well, you see the title.

    We will be recording our next episode soon, so I thought I would turn to our listeners beforehand and ask for show topics or suggestions.We love feedback so feel free to tell us anything.

    • Is there a topic you would like for us to discuss?

    • Is there something in-game you feel needs more attention on the show?

    • Got any shout outs or want to advertise your FC?

    • Wanna see footage of the hosts running something?

    • Wanna be featured for a segment or as a guest host?

    • Do you have any suggestions for music or trivia?

    Literally anything will do. Post below suggestions, comments, rants or raves and we
    just may work it into our next episode! If all goes well I will update this thread in the future
    so that the community here at The Realm can be more involved with the show. o/

  2. racooperii

    racooperii Warrior of Light

    Topic: Comcast has been losing data packets for XIV. Intentional or Coincidence?

    Attention: Honestly nothing's really changed since the last podcast dropped. Oh no wait, they have added to and put on sale Cash Shop items...*droopy voice* I'm oozing with excitement.

    Always want to give a shout out to my Waifu @Aisha Aurica , @Cypherplex and the rest of the BLS crew. But also to my old FC Final Dawn and that crazy bunch of people. Oh oh and Papa Steel, that man knows how to make me laugh.

    Never been interested in watching people play a game I can play.

    I would be all for guesting, but lately I'm full of piss and vinegar so...invite at your own risk.

    Alphenaud trivia! Because I know @Fybrile love him so much.

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  3. GeekMatt

    GeekMatt Moderator

    Only things I'd really like to see more of is a bit more positivity about the game, which may be asking a lot, and maybe a little more experience/info on the topics from you guys. It doesn't have to be much, just maybe telling the crew "hey guys, we'll be discussing the new 24 man raid next week" and then people could bump it up on their to-do list, or failing that, read up on it a bit more

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  4. racooperii

    racooperii Warrior of Light

    Oh! Could always plug Role Playing, not for everyone but some of the stories created in it are interesting.

    Positivity is a bit of a lot to ask for all things considered. Although maybe looking forward on that horizon of 3.15 to Relic and Hildebrand (It better be Hildebrand!), it's enough to keep my interest in the actual game for now.

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