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    What is Geocaching?

    Geocaching IRL is a coordinate based type of scavenger hunting. In our event, we will give out a riddle at the starting point, which will be our FC house. Within this riddle, you can find hidden clues to coordinates and a respective zone. You team up with a buddy and try to solve this riddle. If you solved it correctly, you can move on and go to these coordinates, where you will get a second riddle and so on. The event will be done in 5 stages, whichever group makes it first to the last stage wins a great prize! 2nd and 3rd team wont go home empty handed either!

    What do i need?

    Apart of the wish to be the next Sherlock Holmes? You should be able to open links given in chat or on TS! (Whoever has difficulties with that might want to have their phones ready next to them or pair up with someone who has no problems opening links)

    When will the event take place?

    The event is gonna take place on Saturday, the 6th of June! Start will be at 7pm servertime, however, you should gather up at our house (plot 6 ward 3 Lavander beds) at 6:30pm!

    Which rules do apply?

    We will have to have you move together in your groups, means if only 1 member of a group shows up at the next stage, you wont be able to move on. To make sure no one is somehow skipping a stage, you will get an item with a crafter's name at the first stage, which you will have to trade for another item at the second stage, and so on (you will only have 1 item on you at a time). Only a group who makes it to the last stage with the respective item for that stage, can claim a prize in case they are a winning team.
    We are planning in around 2 hours max for the event, so in case no one makes it to the last stage, the group who made it first to the furthest stage, wins.

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