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Discussion in 'Moogle' started by Mion, Jul 24, 2015.

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    The newly created english speaking FC "Blackout" is recruiting players of all levels and with any kind of experience.
    After lots of years spent on online gaming and lots of bad experiences with lot of guilds a group of four people decided to found a free company different from lots of the free company that we saw in game.
    Our goal is to create a solid Free Company in wich everybody is helping out. A place where people can ask everything and where people can make friends and grow up all togheter.
    We don't ask for people who are on 24h per day but we want people who are social and like to have fun without raging or flaming.
    In our Free Company you will find people that will be happy to help you out with things such as Alexander,Coils,Primals,Raids,Leveling.
    All kind of players are welcomed ! No level/experience required.
    We are on Moogle Server,if you want to join send a tell to me in game (Kira Talbot) or just send your application to the FC.
    We will immediately be at your service!

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