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    Well met fellow Eorzean's! Haven is a multi-gaming community that plays a range of games together. We're looking to make a home for ourselves on Moogle and are recruiting like-minded individuals to join us in our crusades.

    I'm hoping if you're reading this your interest has at least been piqued. If so please read on!


    Formed in 2012 as a DayZ clan Haven has grown rapidly in to a multi-gaming community. Although initially established as a DayZ team we have since expanded to several other games and are always looking for more games to play together. With the launch of Final Fantasy we're looking to make an impact on the world of Eorzea. Our members play several other titles together so whatever your preferred genres there's a good chance you'll find people to play a game with in our community. We have a strong activity level across a range of timezone's.

    For more information you can read the about us page on our website.


    Our current goals for Final Fantasy XIV are rather humble at the moment; to create an active, close-knit memberbase that will participate in as many aspects of the game as possible. Our long-term goals are to participate in as much end-game content as possible (both PVE & PVP once it's added). With that said we plan to support both casual players and the more hardcore gamer's out there, rest assured you won't be expected to set your alarm to make a raid at 3am, no mandatory CTA's in Haven.

    We're recruiting all classes and levels right now too so whether you're a grizzled veteran with knowledge to share or a complete newbie looking for somewhere to call home you'll find a place with us. So, to summarise:

    • To recruit a good number of dedicated, active members (all classes and level's accepted)
    • To establish ourselves as a friendly, helpful and active Free Company within the Moogle community
    • To experience all aspects of gameplay
    • To participate in competitive PVE & PVP content (such as late game dungeons and all aspects of PVP once it's patched in)


    Nobody really likes rules, unfortunately as with most things in life we do have a few that we expect our members to adhere to to ensure that our community remains a friendly, drama free haven for gamers to hang out. You can read our full list of rules via our site (and you are strongly encouraged to do so before applying to join) but here's a brief list of our more important ones:
    • 18+ Years of age is preferable though we will consider younger applicants if they can demonstrate a good level of maturity
    • Be respectful of other members both within Haven and within any gaming communities where you represent our team
    • Mumble use is encouraged but is not mandatory for FFXIV (due to recruiting both PC and PS3 players we feel it wouldn't be fair to force its use for PC members). Please note that if you decide you'd like to play any other games with Haven mumble is mandatory
    • We don't ask that our members play x amount of hours a day but we do ask that when you're online you do your best to get involved with our community - be it jumping on mumble, partying up with other company members in-game or simply using the in-game company chat to communicate with other Haven members
    • We ask that all of our members check our website regularly. We don't expect you to be a forum whore but if you're serious about being a member of our community it is your responsibility to stay up to date with recent community happenings and upcoming community events. All events will be posted on our website's calendar accessible via the main menu on the homepage of our site. Announcements will also be made on the homepage and on our mumble server
    • If you need to take an extended leave of absence (longer than 1 month) then please alert one of Haven's leaders and you will be placed on our reserves roster until you return
    • If you are inactive for longer than 3 weeks without alerting a leader you will be placed on the reserves roster for a period of 1 month before being removed from Haven. If you return and have a good enough reason for your absence then your membership may be re-considered
    • Please avoid posting offensive material on the website/forums. Offensive material may include (but is not limited to) pornography, images or videos of violence or any other content that may be considered disturbing or upsetting to an individual


    So what are the benefits of joining Haven?
    • We treat you like an actual individual, not just another name on the roster
    • We have an active, user friendly website and message board that has been designed with convenience and accessibility in mind
    • We have our own mumble server that see's plenty of activity
    • A friendly, established and close-knit member base - Many of us have been playing together for a year or more
    • International activity - We have members from the U.K, the Netherlands and the U.S to name a few
    • An active community across a broad range of games - From RTS to MOBA's, Racing to FPS' (and of course MMO's) chances are you'll find someone to play practically any genre with
    • Passionate leaders - The leadership behind Haven are extremely passionate about the team and are always interested in our members thoughts and opinions, you'll never have to worry about raising any queries or concerns with the teams leaders and we do our best to ensure everybody enjoys a friendly drama free experience


    If you're liking the sound of our community and would like to join us then first you will need to register to our website. After you have done this you can submit an application. Once we receive your application we will look over it and if it meets our criteria you will be contacted by an Officer asap (usually within 12 hours).

    If your application is approved and you'd still like to join us you will be accepted on a two week probationary period whereby we'll monitor your activity level and ensure you continue to fit in with the community. After two weeks your membership will be evaluated and either you will either be accepted or declined membership depending on the outcome of your trial period.

    If you have any questions before submitting an application then we have a public shoutbox on the homepage of our website, alternatively you can add me on Steam or contact me in-game (Cae Fluo) and I'll do my best to answer any queries.

    We're excited to recruit a few more people to play Final Fantasy XIV with and are looking forward to getting involved in the end game content [​IMG]

    All the best,

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