I'm so proud of ...me...:)

Discussion in 'Brynhildr' started by AG779, Dec 28, 2014.

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    I did 3 light parties on the DF last night. I didn't freak out, stayed calm, and had fun. LOL

    In one, we had a new tank, we all wiped, I pulled aggro if I did more than two cures in a row. So...fun. No one got mad, we just kept going.

    One Dps got himself a little ahead and locked himself inside with the boss. We all laughed and wished him luck. He did well for about 2 minutes. It was awful just watching him die, as a healer it was just wrong.

    Had a new tank again.... Love when they sprint ahead and I'm chasing, but they start dying before I'm close enough to heal. LOL. But, we figured it all out and made it through. :)

    Although, after doing Ifrit with my FC, I know how much some of us newbies really suck. LOL.

    Still learning and having fun.....IH what a girl won't do for a unicorn.

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    JMATAWWCL Moderator

    Congratulations! People forget, that's what a game is about: having fun.

  3. GeekMatt

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    You actually did really well in ifrit, I expected you to get hit by his plumes but you dodged like a champ. The thing I strugged with most learning to WHM was keeping an eye on the arena while keeping up with healing

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    Content in this game is quite easy and once you get the hang of primals, you get the hang of anything. Raiding is even kind of lenient now. T5 might be hell if a new player looks at it but you'll get the hang of it, if you do wish to do this content.
    I'm happy you chose to join Brynhildr so quite a few people on the forum can help you. I'd be tempted to transfer with my boyfriend if we didn't have a static to babysit on Gilgamesh.

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  5. AG779

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    I think most of it was getting over the anxiety of failing/wiping.
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    GeekMatt: Thanks, because you guys were on top of it, I could watch out for them and move. :). The tanks last night kept bringing the fight to me. ;) so sweet of them. :) but, I was like, nah, that's okay, you keep that. :).

    Trying to heal a tank that's running away, not so fun. But, at least everyone was cool, no one freaked out, so that was good. We made jokes, died, made more jokes. LOL

    Somehow in Halatali, they side skirted a mob of about 4 or 5, no worries, they saw me when I rounded the corner. ;) That was fun. :/

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  6. Hermes

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    If I didn't have my dream house and a couple good friends, I'd have transfered years ago.

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