I'm so sorry if these have been asked before: PS3 V2/ PC V1.0CE setup questions

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    I am sorry if I'm asking repeat questions, or asking in the wrong location. That being said here we go.

    What matters to me is being able to the following all with the same account:

    Play on both platforms
    Have early access
    Get the free CE digital upgrade items (thanks to v1) & pre-order items all on the same account.

    I pre-ordered the CE v1. For some reason I only got early access and the onion helm. I didn't get the pre order Goggles (which were way cooler than the damn onion hat. :shifty:) Personally I don't care about the characters I have from v1. I didn't level them up high enough for it to matter (The highest job was/is lvl 15).

    I have the v.1 CE (PC) account. It is "active" with my SE account. I understand that I get a free v2 for PC with the CE digital download. I have been in the Beta test since beginning of p3 for PC. But my laptop struggles horribly with playing v2. I have to either borrow my friend or boyfriend's computer to actually play the game as the developers intended. I fear consistent play of v2 will burn out my laptop.

    My boyfriend has a PS3. I want to be able to use either platform, since my BF is also playing v2 ^.^ I'd be playing on PS3 when he is home and on his gaming PC when he is not home.

    So I pre-ordered the PS3 version.

    I do not have my own PSN account (as far as I know), I have a profile under my boyfriend's PSN account. I didn't see the point of paying for PS+ when I rarely play console games so I do not have PS+ either.

    I think that gives ya'll enough background info to answer these questions. To The question portion of this post.

    Do I:
    A) Have access to Beta Test 4 for PS3 if I pre-ordered the PS3 version? Can I beta test on both PC and PS3 during p4?
    B) Need my own PSN account connected my SE Account? OR Can I connect my SE account to his PSN account?
    C) Also need a PS+ account? Are they (PSN/PS+)one in the same?
    D) Have to apply both registration codes (PC/PS3) to my square account to use both console and PC? I do not plan on playing on both systems at the same time.​

    A) I connect the PS3 software registration code to my Square account, can I apply my PS3 pre-order bonus to the pre-existing account I have (The PC v1 CE edition)? Thus giving me both the CE bonuses and the pre-order bonuses on the 1 account.
    B) I connect my square account to my boyfriends PSN account, (am I correct) he can not play his v2 Account on the PS3 because:
    1) He doesn't have his own & different PS3 software registration code connected to his SE account.
    2) His linked PSN Account is in use? ​

    Again I'm sorry if these questions are redundant, or in the wrong location. I've been bouncing around looking for the answers but IMO the answers seem a tinge vague to my exact questions.


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