J.C. Penney Back-To-School Ad 'Promotes Bullying,' Parents Say

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Dragon, Aug 17, 2013.

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    Parents are supposed to be adults, not children. However, this recent controversy simply does not prove that a parent is in any necessarily an adult. They're being childish complaining that this ad somehow promotes bullying, as like a kid befriending his first invisible friend these parents are seeing things simply not there to begin with.

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    Honestly, parents now a days are more interested in making everything Fair and easy for their child in scholastic endeavors, making friends and so on n so forth. When in 'real life' it stifles their growth and ability to do things on their own and regardless children will be bullied or be the bullies, whether or not large companies crate particular commercials and advertisements. Which is sad but it happens.

    And honestly adults do nothing about bullying in the first place, nor do they attempt to educate their child it is the wrong thing to do ultimately. Or even how to adequately deal with their tormentors in various situations. To exemplify this, how kids tease and bully each other to the point where the bullied either lashes out extremely or takes it out on themselves in forms of like suicide and the parents of the bullies just shrug their shoulders and usually make an excuse such as 'kids will be kids'. Like that issue with an young girl who was bullied by another girl at her school - in person and then pretended to be an boy she liked on the internet, then crushed the girl which ultimately made the girl take her life. And the bully's mother even participated sadly to say.

    Which makes us question if Parents actually 'care' about bullying or do they want to look like they are 'concerned' citizens against the corporate giant in which they may get something in return from?

    On another note, Parents are also more interested in being their kid's friend than an actual parent/adult in their lives. Which is pretty noticable when you have worked in retail situations where the parent just gives in to their child's whims and desires. And often times look the other way at certain misbehaviors or actions conducted by their children. But when that is ultimately denied to both parties then the parents act like giant children themselves. For example, when parents go into yell at the teachers about why their kid didn't get that easy A that their child didn't even work to achieve. (Not saying all parents are like this but there is an gigantic plethora of them here in California who act like their child's bestfriend rather than an concerned parent)

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    I really liked that comment "There was nothing wrong with your commercial to begin with and I'm sorry you're being bullied for it." I agree with her. Parents are being overly-sensitive, and trying to make something out of nothing.

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    Honestly modern society is raised on "reward for trying"

    Example. Say you worked hard for something all of your life. You practice, you bleed, cry, sweat over it. You finally achieve it. Then someone who JUST heard about it and gets into it mere days after you complains that they should get something for "trying". Then they get a prize which is exactly like yours. Do you think that's fair?

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    ...I wish I could go someplace where people can take a joke and not make everything so serious. Feels like you can't do or say anything without somehow offending someone. Thank God I don't give a s**t, even in a non-confrontational kind of way. Still, I can't deny how influenced kids are by what they watch. I remember talking with one of my younger cousins and he made a joke from one of those commercials you end up seeing a thousand times. I still don't remember what it actually does advertise haha.

    "Sorry, we were looking for infinity plus infinity."
    "What about infinity TIMES infinity!?"
    *mind blown*

    Whether it's commercials, parents arguing or cussing, kids remember and are influenced by it in one way or another. Fact. As to if this sort of thing is blown way out of proportion? Maybe it is, maybe not. I comprehend both sides, but I can't imagine kids would make a big deal of it by themselves. Besides, if you own ten shirts, are people really going to notice? I know I wouldn't, I'm too busy looking at your face. You know, like normal people. :rolleyes:

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    The claim that this ad will perpetuate bullying in real life is a bit of a stretch, but it does perpetuate that if you want your kid to be cool, your kid gotta wear the freshest clothing, and I assume JC Penney is implying that they got the freshest clothing, so that means JC Penney wants parents to spend their cheddar in their store.

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    Parents these days... All handholding suckers.

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    Since when does sitting alone at a lunch table mean your being bullied anyway? Its not like he was getting paper balls or food thrown at him. I knew plenty of people who sat alone at lunch just because the rest of their friends had conflicting lunch periods. And even if the kid was alone because he did have no friends.. there was still no insinuation of bullying portrayed at all. Last time I checked.. No friends = / = bullying. I really hate when people read too deep into trivial bull s**t.

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    To me, some school systems are messed up, when a kid tries to tell a teacher he's being bullied, they in a way belittle them, which is completely insane!! That's not way to treat a kid in a way or form. If a teacher can't make a stand against bullying, it will happen all that much more.. For example my school was pretty good about bullying, very strict, and did things the right way, elementary, middle, and high school. A bad example of a school taking charge against bullying, is the movie on Netflix its called 'Bully", or "Bullies" documentary? Those teachers were honestly children themselves!

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