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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Eblan, Jul 7, 2013.

  1. FloDaddelt

    FloDaddelt Crystal Brave

    Funny, the one legacy player who convinced me to play on a legacy server says that all the time, together with "don't worry" :p

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  2. Cyan Auras

    Cyan Auras Crystal Brave

    Just pointing this out in case most of you don't know. The idea of Legacy players being evil...comes from Legacy players.
    I call this tale "The Self Fulfilling Prophecy."
    *cues throwing sand over fire pit ala 'Are You Afraid of the Dark?'*

    It all began when someone started a thread asking what someone with Legacy status gets. A Legacy member replied and gave the details, and some Legacy members began to troll the poor innocent non-legacy members with awful memes. hipster.jpg
    Eventually things got worse, and the memes seemed to make non-legacy players seem like they were the lesser beings.

    Finally, the last straw was placed on the poor non-legacy camel's back.

    At long last, the non-legacy members had enough. Although the Legacy members were only kidding around, their foolish trolling and non-legacyLOLing had appeared genuine and the non-legacy 1.0 players planned a revolt. They sent in troops to pretend to be new players and post horrible threads about how awful and inhumane the Legacy players were. The Fun-loving and caring Legacy members who had started the jokes themselves because they were afraid eventually people would hate them or call them unfair had unintentionally brought on a misunderstanding the likes of which has not been seen since...well...


    This is the 100% true and not made up story of how we Legacy Members brought about our own destruction from our paranoia.
    (I'm bored.)

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  3. Zephyrus34

    Zephyrus34 Adventurer

    About a year ago, maybe less I played FFXI for the first time, and roaming around Windhurst not knowing what I was doing, but when I had a question, and asked, someone always politely gave me an answer, which for one definitely showed me how much I can trust the community, and made friends off the bat. I'm going to join a Legacy server but there's some comfort going into these servers, which reminds me of FFXI, the maturity of players. Anyways, did someone say something about a cookie?

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  4. Doctorhoo

    Doctorhoo Crystal Brave

    IDK. I originally thought Legacy might be the way to go but my mind was changed later on to start on a new server for a new game.

  5. Fybrile

    Fybrile Administrator

    Non-Legacy / Legacy... 3 months after launch, will be exactly the same, minus the Goobues. 6 months out of launch, we're coming to your server to undermine all that you have accomplished, so watch out! Mwahahaha! [jk]

    So, pick a server with a good population, cuz, as much as beta forums wants to make this a thing, it's not.

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  6. tokasmo

    tokasmo Crystal Brave

    im going legacy just because i met a few awesome peeps in beta and i wanna continue playing with them, for me doesnt mater how established it is, because just like Fybrile said it will all be the same in few months lol

  7. Reece

    Reece Crystal Brave

    I wouldn't pick Legacy personally.. Whether or not you played 1.0 or just started this time, I don't see the point of either using your old character or joining a server with people already progressed. To me it's pointless when it's a game rebuilt for us to enjoy.

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  8. Grr

    Grr New Member

    I for one will be on Legacy. If not for the simple fact that this is the MMO that I've been waiting for, and I want to roll with other long term & devoted folks that aren't just trending n00bz. I've been with FF for as long as I can remember, and this is where my people are. =)

  9. Kolossus

    Kolossus Vice Admin

    I have a Legacy account, but I would technically be bunched in with your definition of a "trending n00b", because 1.0 was terrible™ and not worth playing. In this one instance, that's ok; I'm glad I didn't waste time playing a s**t product. 2.0 is definitely worth playing, and hopefully will be for a very long time.

  10. Kaizz

    Kaizz Adventurer

    I'm goin to Hyperion. Mainly because I have my cousin, another frind from WoW, and a fellow guildmate from GW playing there. I like the new servers more than ones with people already on them. I think it'll be like GW2. On launch, there were soooo many ppl in the lower zones (of course). After a few months, though, you only saw people in the starter areas for humans, and pretty much nowhere else until the high levels. It gets pretty lonely. Also, the monopoly on legacy servers will make things very hard for newer players.

  11. Laz

    Laz New Member

    You also have to remember that legacy servers are also filled with tons and tons of gold (gil). A lot of that being from hacks/cheats because back in 1.0 they did not ban players for cheats, they took something like 10% of everyone's gold, which didn't equal out to much. I'd rather start with a fresh economy and hope that they are more strict on hacks/cheats.

  12. Zephyrus34

    Zephyrus34 Adventurer

    You know, MyStory* heh, back in the day of Ragnarok Online Private Servers, the greatest thing about a new good server, is instead of starting out at max level, you must work up to your level, and work for your gear, again, but that applies to what *I* did, not anyone else, but enjoyed it... Starting from the bottom everytime was a fun challenge! And *NOTHING* against people that are playing legacy, please, no conflict.

  13. Cyan Auras

    Cyan Auras Crystal Brave

    Wrong, the gil decreased TO a tenth, not BY a tenth. This means if someone had a million gil, they would start with 100,000 gil. It wasn't supposed to be much of a difference because prices were dropped as well, until people started selling things at 1.0 prices in the market. And those items usually don't sell, from what i've seen.

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