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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Alan Fletcher, Apr 17, 2021.

  1. Alan Fletcher

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    Hi quick question about the new ps5 beta, about a month ago i purchased the complete collector's edition and was just about to start playing but now there is a ps5 specific beta, as i have bought the complete edition i just wanted to know if its going to give me access to everything on the ps5 version once its out of beta.
    Does progress restart on ps5 or can ps4 save data be transferred.
    Lastly as im only starting would it be best to start the ps4 or ps5 version

  2. Jinzuku

    Jinzuku Vice Administrator

    As progress is saved on Square-Enix's servers rather than Sony's, progress is synchronised over all platforms you play the game on.
    In terms of content, the PS5 will have everything you've paid for on the PS4 as long as it's registered to your account.

    In terms of what happens after the PS5 beta period, I can't quite remember but in the past, it was a free upgrade to the newer versions.
    Worst case scenario, the PS5 version will go until the full release, but you'll always have the PS4 version to fall back on until then.

    As you are first starting, I don't see any harm starting with the PS5 version.
    It might just feel a bit weird because the new PS5 features will go if you go back to the PS4 version.

    Hopefully that helps.

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