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    F64CE4DC-20FB-4D93-A74E-1496430AEE46.jpeg Returning player to FF was around for the start of Shb’s and kinda fell off the wagon due to irl and my job. But things have mostly settled down and I’d be interested in getting into rp again on FF.

    I like smaller circles of rp, so no big crowds, or overly large FCs. My character is a Keeper of the Moon Miqo’te known as Yvonne Maeda, a unique little lass who’s finds trust hard to come by and doesn’t like letting people into her personal life. I’d like to flesh out her story a bit more so if someone’s patient enough and wants to work on profiles together and come up with scenes I’m all for it!

    We can discuss limits and all of that too (though I’m mostly open to anything, I’ve been an rper for a long time. If you’d be interested in talking things out feel free to reply here or add me on discord Queen#7717.

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