The Fangs of Fenrir (Fang)

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    idk how many people frequent this area but its worth a shot haha!

    <Fang> is a rank 8 fc looking for new folks to join in on our shenanigans! We welcome players brand new to the game to those with years under their belt. We have a mansion in the beds with all the crafting tables and odd npcs you could ask for - even a lala vendor in a pot because why not?!
    We even have an active discord server for bs'ing around offline or while at work so you can avoid adulting (im guilty of the work part >>)!

    We perform rotating weekly events and always take the time to help our newer members find their way through the game and enjoy it at their own pace while supplying them with equipment if needed hand-crafted (virtually) by our master crafters with love and booze~

    If interested at all or if you have questions feel free to message me or hunt down our leader Kogami Avagnar in-game and just throw stuff at him. He'll get the hint sooner or later.
    Or if interested and you wont be home soon you can apply at our FC site and we'll hunt you down

    look forward to hearing from you!~
    -Retry Mir

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