Looking For <VOID> Famfrit's Top FC - Recruiting WHM

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    What we are: A Hardcore Progression-Raiding FC
    Where we are: Famfrit Server, Turn 5 Coil
    What we do: Pwn Bosses and get epic lootz
    Website: http://www.void-fc.com


    • SCH or WHM
    We are looking for 1 geared/skilled healer willing to transfer to Famfrit to participate in server first progression raiding. Ideal candidate has coil experience, and has gear on par with the raid team you would be joining. Least a couple allagan pieces, myth/crafted, and relic.

    Raid Schedule:

    As this raid group is our progression team, you can expect 5-7 days of raiding per week during progression. This is a server first team you would be joining and it plans to push until Twintania dies. We are looking for players with the same mindset and attitude. Raid starts at 8pm est.

    Meet Your Team:

    Contact Options:

    • Message Valk Storm in-game on Famfrit.
    • Submit an appplication at our website.
    • Reply to this thread!

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