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  1. Valk Storm

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    What we are: A Hardcore Progression-Raiding FC
    Where we are: Turn 5 Coil, killing Twintania
    What we do: Pwn Bosses and get epic lootz


    Raid Times:

    Team "No Lifers"
    Mon-Thu 8:00pm EST
    Sat-Sun 8:00pm EST

    Team "Raw Dawgs"
    Mon 7:15pm EST
    Tue 7:15pm EST
    Wed 7:15pm EST

    Valk Storm

    Titan Runs:
    I know pugging Titan sucks, I've been there. I think most of us have. If you are frustrated with the low level of skill you see in your pug mates and have some coin floating around, hit Thea Khuba or Valk Storm up with a /tell. We can provide you all the info you may need there and will invite you to a private LS. You aren't paying to be carried (we can do that), what you're doing is compensating 5-7 other skilled players for their time.

    PLD (Must be exceptional)
    SMN (Must be exceptional)
    BLM (Must be exceptional)
    BRD (Must be exceptional)
    DRG (Must be exceptional)
    MNK (Must be exceptional)
    WHM (Must be exceptional)
    SCH (Must be exceptional)


    We are currently recruiting a skilled/geared WHM for our Team "No Lifers". This is a longterm position, full of raiding days! If pushing content and raiding multiple hours a day is something you are interested in, let us know! Additionally we are looking for a PLD and BRD to help fill and support our other groups. These groups have a much more relaxed raid schedule so come throw an app up!​

  2. itz.RiTTz.

    itz.RiTTz. New Member

    Greetings. I transferred to Famfrit somewhat recently and have been seeking a solid raiding FC that is organized and scheduled. I have a tremendous amount of interest in being a part of your FC. I am on EST, and I work SUN|MON|THU|FRI; All days except Sunday, I work from 2100 until 0700 EST. Sunday, I work from 1400 until 2200 EST.
    I have been playing MMOs for 10+ years and am very familiar with raid etiquette. Also, I am 28 years of Age; and I have a foul mouth, but I am always fun, laid back, but serious when it comes to raiding. I am an exceptional healer/tank. I have a iLvL 102 PLD, 82 WHM, and a BLM that is level 48, with a full set of gear waiting. I am willing to play whatever character is needed. I give a lot, I don't take much, if anything, from the Company Chest. But I never forget to throw some Gil in a few times a week, along with any items I don't need. I am always down to help, or play in general.

    I can be reached at 7706954336 (ATL) I look forward to your response, whatever it may be.


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