What is the first Final Fantasy game you ever played?

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by Sarge!, Jul 21, 2013.

  1. theyankeeman

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    The first FF I've ever played was Final Fantasy VII although FFIX is my all time favorite. However, the first RPG I've ever played was Super Mario RPG and with that I remember it took me weeks as a kid to get past the first boss in the game. I just didn't realize the concept of RPG's required leveling/grinding to get your character stronger so I would run past the enemies and go to the boss... haha

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  2. Wrathdragon

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    FF on NES was my first. Played the heck out of it, beat it with four of every class. FF4 (2 U.S.) was and probably still is my favorite, although I'm not a huge fan of the updated version for the DS.


    CROSS†CHANNEL Adventurer

    I've never had a gaming console (parents wouldn't let me when I was growing up and I guess I just got used to PC only gaming) so FFXIV is the only Final Fantasy game I've ever played. o.o

    Edit: I've looked into playing some, but all the arguing about which one is best (mostly the arguments about whether VII and X are good or not) kinda scared me away. TBF, I've always been more into stories with really vague senses of good and evil so RPGs like KOTOR II and Planescape: Torment have been more likely to appeal to me.

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  4. Mycroft

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    To be honest, depending on your own preferences of course, all of the mainline/mothership Final Fantasies are good games (yes, even XIII).
    There are no truly bad games among them, although based on taste they might not appeal to you. Most fans of the series would probably readily admit to this, if prodded a bit, seeing the discussions that you mention are typically fights between favourites.

    Now the spin-offs on the other hand.. Some of them are at that point, where one can almost call them objectively bad games, by modern standards (*cough* Mystic Quest *cough), but given that they are as old as they are, one can't expect them to live up to said standards.

    Ultimately, one good thing about the Final Fantasy series, is that you don't miss out on anything by only playing some of the newer entries, as they don't have a shared narrative in any sense. And if you want a game with grey areas, Final Fantasy XII might interest you.

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  5. Bobbin Threadbare

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    Another grave I've unearthed... :D

    Anyways, my 1st, and still my best fave, is FF6. Though actually if this would count, Chrono Trigger, since the game did came as US FF-branded pack on PS1 along with FF6 much later on.

    Then it's FF4, then FF5 through fan-translation which is fairly new back then, also became my next fave mainly because of Galuf & Gilgamesh. Next is FF1, then both FF2 & FF3, also through recent-released english fan-translation. And through FF2, I would later learn another great RPG series that adopted it's similar leveling system and dubbed as hardcore JRPG, SaGa series.

    Then the rest is linear, from FF7 (the lowest fave, Aerith fate are sooo overrated lol), 8, 9 which slides FF5 becoming my current best series, 10, then skipped to 12 because I couldn't afford network addon on my PS2 back then to try FF11.

    Then came FF14 1.0 from bargain bin for like 5 bucks only. lol

    Strangely, though many lament it's quality, I fell in love for 1st time, strangely, even my love for FF6 started to fade slightly. Through my stay there, I learned FF11 again from various chats with ex-players, and I'm so longing for it as well.

    So, after 1.0 ended in that big bang, I didn't hold back and immediately purchase FF11. And oh man.... I even totally fell in love with that world called Vana'diel. I don't care if the game outdated by current standard, it's still sooo beautiful! It only take like... what? 7-8 months and I finished all main stories, all the way to Wings of the Goddess, which IMO my best fave story, including all their respective city-state stories as well. Then I purchased the newest Seekers of Adoulin expansion and having a blast there as well. Alas... FF14 2.0 finally came... ^^;

    Between these times, FF3 NDS remake as well, quite interesting fleshed out remake if I say so. FF4 remake came next, but I felt bore to re-experience same story just with upgraded NDS 3D capabilities, so I never finished replaying it.

    FF14 2.0. While the gameplay are a huge improvement from 1.0, somehow it kinda killed the charms that 1.0 has. Yoshi-P does not kid when he meant by removing bad taste that is 1.0. I never touched this so-called WoW that Yoshi kept referencing, but from the looks of it. I rather go back to FF11. 2.0 did improve little by little though.

    Alas... due to 3rd party game time card came to an end with their partnership of mogstation, this also meant my forced departure to that beloved Vana'diel, though luckily that SE would host periodic free login campaigns that not only let me finish SoA, but Rhapsodies as well, along with many more stuff.

    Fast forward to this day, skipped FF13 which thanks to bad reviews that repulse me to try, came FF15 and just finished it several days ago. Hopefully I could muster enough energy to finally complete my FF experience by finishing 13, someday... ^^;

    And to recap, these are my top fave FF series currently: 11 - 14 - 6 - 9 - 5.
    Rest are undecided since they are good in their own ways, but 7 still became the lowest fave, probably with 1 came next, understandably since 1st game always bland albeit cool time-travel concept it has.

    Despite all that, I probably would give 7 remake a try, though I still felt the remake was really unnecessary. lol

  6. Choochoobo

    Choochoobo Crystal Brave

    I'm a young'in so the first I ever heard and played was XIII. :good:

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