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    That's really cool! I'd love to see the comic too.

    Also to Black Winchester, I like Erudito's story too. :)

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    I've been lazy..I need to post mine :c

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    Maybe ill post the comic online sometime once it's done ffxivrper :p

    And jedrek, snap to it! Better pop out a story before you get to playin :p no rush though

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    That would be cool to see the comic and I've also been lazy and not even playing FFXIV the last couple of days... I'm just a little hesitant to renew my subscription.

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    why are you hesitant?

  6. Mugido Toku

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    Mugido was "Born" in the republic of Bastok, he had a normal childhood until his caretaker revealed onto him an ancient duty to protect a magical hand mirror. It had the ability to show the user anything he wished to see. Mugido used it on occasion but tried his hardest to just stay under the radar.
    Then one faithful day event led him to meet Rio Toku a Young Taru Paladin on a mission to rescue a young girl and retrieve a mirror much like Mugido's they had many adventures and grew quite close. Rio was an accomplished adventurer and Mugido did his best to just keep up with him. Deep in the shadowy emptiness of the Crag of Dem they faced a creature they'd never seen before and armored man with six arms and a strange wolf. Rio fought bravely and Mugido supported him as best he could, however the battle was not going their way. Mugido saw that Rio was slowly turning the battle so that Mugido could escape. Sacrificing himself so that Mugido could live. Mugido cried out and the six armed man swung one of his cruel blades toward his unprotected head.
    Mugido blocked with whatever he could find and his hand mirror made contact with the lethal blow. As it smashed to smithereens he hear a voice.


    Mugido looked around and saw he was alone in an empty star filled nothingness.

    "Hear... Think..."

    Mugido saw a shard of the mirror, he could see Rio calling out to him. In a different shard the Demon swordsman Gilgamesh howling for vengeance. The Mugido woke the hot sun beating down on him. He sat up and looked around his staff had been badly damaged and his robes were burned by something. After a few days of wandering he came to a hamlet called forgotten Springs. There an old Hume man kindly taught him about the world he had landed in. Mugido took to hiding his tail rather than explain it. Upon revisiting the area where he had entered this strange new Eorza, with its Hyurs and Primals, he found the weathered Sword Rio had given him to practice with standing in the sand. It must have fallen from his bag when he came here.

    Blade in hand Mugido joined a caravan to Ul' Dah hoping that maybe there he can find a way back home, until then he was sure he could do a bit of good for this torn land.

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    I like that you have created background stories for your characters. So cool. Never thought about it like that.

    My character is just a digital representation of me. I tried to make her exactly like me in every way. So her story is mine. But somehow, I got transported to Eorzea.

    Guess I'm not very creative.

    Off-topic: I finally got my pony. I ride sidesaddle, like a lady. I was laughing when I saw female cats riding standard. Guess they aren't ladies.

    Just teasing.


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    I used to make my characters a copy of myself (and still do to a certain extent like hair color and body type) but I think it's fun to come up with my own little story about my character that explains why he does what he does and why he is in an adventure to begin with. This mentality is the only thing that got me through skyrim 5+ times.

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    I love Skyrim. But I'm an adventurer in real life, so I still need no explanation. Smile. In general, I like everything about Skyrim better than FFXIV in terms of game mechanics, character development, feel... What I like about FFXIV is the fact that it is FF.

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    Thought I'd already posted this. What if the spell that changed Eorzea bled through time and space, and picked up some passengers?

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    Shes just a small town girl, living in her lonely world. She took a midnight airship going an ne where....

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  12. Godric

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    Sorry for the wall of text, but should you hazard to read it then I welcome your criticism and thoughts!

    Godric Stone was the second son of Harald and Gwenna Stone, a Highlander and Midlander marriage. Harald and Gwenna ran a caravan, traveling the roads and seaways of the world without any place to call home other than the chocobo-drawn carriages and rocking cabins of seaborne ships. Godric’s brother, Emmet, was the obvious heir to the Stones trading legacy, often drawn into long conversations with Harald regarding the commercial and political machinations of various city-states and regions. Godric and his younger sister, Laina, were closer to their mother. Gwenna, though a born Midlander, spent her own childhood in a mountain village near Ishgard enveloped in a society of Highlander warriors. Oftentimes Godric would spend the twilight hours dreaming of the tales his mother would tell of battles between the Ishgardian soldiers and the dragons of the mountains.

    Being in a traveling caravan had its own adventures, to be sure. Many were the times when broiling seas, howling gales, vicious storms, and scorching heat disrupted the pace of the traveling family. That’s not to mention the raiders, as well; pirates on the seas and beastmen on the land made life more difficult than perhaps it should have been. However, these encounters were what Godric relished, even as a young teen. The rush of battle and the flights from pirate vessels were some of his most memorable moments as a child.

    As the years passed and the Stone children grew older, Emmet began taking a more prominent role in the business. While Godric and Laina preferred to mingle with the crowds that would gather around the stalls, Emmet and Harald hawked their wares to the merchants vying for the best deals. Life seemed to Godric and his siblings to only be getting better, but Harald and Gwenna could hear the whisperings of trouble beginning to brew. Soon the prices were rising as materials were growing harder and harder to procure, and rising prices meant disgruntled customers. But business never really slowed, even as word spread of the growing threat of the Garlean Empire.

    As careful and mindful as Harald and Gwenna tried to be, the eventual fate of travelers in a war-ridden country could not be avoided. Soon they were hunted as fugitives by the Garleans as the war between the Grand Alliance and Garlemald raged on, and times grew dark. Emmet, longing for success as a merchant, became bitter and resentful. One evening, he suggested, at his own peril, that the Stones throw in with the Empire. This led to a dramatic falling out between him and his father, and that only after a physical struggle between them ended with Godric separating the father and son. Emmet demanded his portion of the family’s earnings and turned his back on the only life he’d ever known.

    Less than a month later, disaster on a scale that no one could have predicted arrived: the Calamity had come. The brutal destruction of the land sent the Stone family into hiding, taking shelter with some uncharacteristically welcoming Duskwight Elezen in a cavern near the edge of the Black Shroud. Harald, Gwenna, Godric, and Laina, along with their Elezen hosts, hid for days on end as the world outside the cavern changed. Earthquakes shook the rock walls as blistering storms raged outside the entrance. After what seemed an eternity of days in that darkness, one of the Duskwights who stood guard at the door told everyone it was safe, or as safe as it would ever get, to depart.

    Times only grew harder. Harald was so embittered with the departure of his eldest son along with the Calamity to even attempt to barter. Survival was the only goal, and that a difficult one. Gwenna tried to keep some element of cheer in the camp, but to little avail. Several days after leaving the shelter of the Duskwight cavern, the moment that would define Godric for the rest of his life arrived like a lightning strike in the middle of the night. On the evening of the 14th sun of the First Umbral Moon, as the family had settled into a camp for rest, Harald Stone heard something. He stood and searched the darkness, peering into the night desert of Thanalan. Gwenna looked up from her work repairing a torn satchel at just the moment Harald was struck in the chest by a crude, black feathered arrow. She opened her mouth to scream, but instead she found herself calling to her children, Godric and Laina. On instinct, Gwenna grabbed her spear and spun to face the darkness from whence the arrow flew. Laina and Godric reached for the nearest makeshift weapon they could, she coming away with a long-handled hatchet and he with naught but a carving knife. As he stared into the desert, Godric could hear his father gasping for air behind him. And then he heard something else; “thwump, thwump thwump”. Gwenna shouted for them to take cover, and not a moment too soon. She and Laina fell immediately to the ground behind a boulder near the fire, and Godric gritted his teeth and held onto the scream that nearly erupted from his throat as an arrow pierced his left forearm. Then the Amal’jaa were on them. Godric counted at least four, and he knew the great beasts would be the end of them all. He stood and braced himself for his last moment, ready to die standing in defense of his family.

    One of the biggest beastmen Godric had ever seen strode arrogantly towards him, brandishing a wickedly curved blade and a small round shield. The Amal’jaa burst out with cruel laughter just before charging forward and bashing Godric aside with the shield, knocking the young man unconscious.

    As he floated in the sleep-like state, Godric was vaguely aware of the combat that raged around him, thinking to himself that this was not how he imagined death would be.

    At dawn, Godric was awakened with a foul smelling filling his nose. Coughing and hacking, he rolled over onto his hands and knees only to have his left arm buckle beneath him.

    “Aye, told you he breathed yet,” a raspy voice said.

    “Not for much longer, less we can get them back to the city,” said another, sweeter voice.

    Godric and Laina spent the next month recuperating from the fatal assault enacted by the Amal’jaa, during which they learned their mother Gwenna had fallen protecting her children. Godric and Laina were spared the same fate by a pair of adventurers who had wandered onto their camp in the middle of the fight. Harald Stone shared his wife’s fate, unable to overcome the arrow wound to his chest.

    After some time, Godric and Laina agreed that it was time to part. A tear-filled goodbye saw Laina setting out for Garlemald, seeking out Emmet. Godric took up with the adventurers who had saved them, working as a retainer in Limsa Lominsa for two years for them until the day he himself decided to take up sword and shield to protect others, just as he himself had been protected. And so, he set out back to Ul’dah, the city-state beset upon by the Amal’jaa. Seeking justice.

  13. Kredo

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    I should work on my character story since he has made some good progress in the Dark arts and has bonded well with his split personalities.

  14. Xha'li

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    New to the site and figured i'd post this here since it seems to be where all the cool kids post their stories!

    I went with a format to help give a feel for my character, and am also working on a journal detailing events and reactions to them through the in game RP's! Let me know what you think about them!

    General Info

    Your Name: Xha'li Nelhah

    Your Alias: Xha (X-Hey)

    Age: 22

    Class: Conjurer/White Mage


    Rather Soft and Round, with a tattoo under either eye

    Grey with White Streaks

    Dark Grey

    Pale Grey, Smooth Complexion

    Lean and somewhat scrawny appearance

    Your Dress:
    Xha prefers to wear light colored clothing, most preferably white. He might be considered somewhat fashionable by some, but it's more about practicality with him. He likes to say however, "Just because something is necessary and bound to get dirty doesn't mean it can't be appealing!"


    Height: 5' 7''

    Weight: 155


    How you act:
    Xha is mostly quiet and contemplative when left to his own devices. While he tends to keep himself busy in his time off you'll find him sitting in a tree just staring up at the sky, lost in thought. When approached by others he might be a bit timid, but will always greet you with a smile and nod. In talking he's somewhat quiet and mumbles, and tends to avoid eye contact.

    He is intimately attuned to the world around him, but knows little of the people within it. He longs for a personal connection with others, but doesn't know what to do. This often is seen as him being shy and aloof in his interactions, but it's just the effect of never knowing what do do or say.

    Your Wants:
    Xha is desperately looking for a home where he can belong. He's spent most of his life on his own and away from people.

    Your Ethics:
    Xha is a very hard working man, who's spent most of his life interacting and working with nature. While he might be rather soft hearted, when it comes to his work he's all business.

    Your Morals:
    Xha grew up away from civilization, and as such has no concept of things like greed or pride. He is genuine in what he does, and is committed to a concept of balance in the land.

    He has had no contact with the modern world, and it is unclear if it will alter his morals at this time.

    Your usual mood:
    He pursues everything with a quiet enthusiasm, and is genuine in all of his emotions. You will always know what mood he's in, though his default setting is quiet contentment, with a bit angst about his social interactions


    What drove you to adventure?
    Xha grew up in a very small family setting to an elderly mother. He was her third son, and the youngest of six children. His siblings were all grown and out on their own, and his mother died while he was still a boy. He never really chose to be an adventurer, rather he was thrown into the world and left to find his way.

    How did you become your class?
    Xha was alone and confused and scared when he was walking the vast forests of Gridania as a child. It was here in the heart of the wilderness he heard a voice that told him what to do. Growing up he never could put a name to what spoke to him, rather assuming it was just his natural instincts telling him how to survive. It wasn't until he was older and made his first, reluctant, trip into Gridania that he met the conjurers. They explained to him what it was he was with, and offered to train him.

    His natural abilities to communicate with the land shows he has quite a bit of promise, but his hesitant and anxious mannerisms have made him a difficult student. It was their hope that on his own he might further develop what they've shown him, and explained that he should stop by to get better acquainted and more used to civilization.

    How did you get your initial equipment?
    His initial vestments were made by hand from the various things he found out in the wild. He lacked the tools of the cities however so it may have been considered a bit crude.

    Worst thing to happen to you?
    Loosing his mother was a terrible thing for Xha, not only because he lost his only known relative, but because he no longer had anyone in the world to go too. His education was incomplete, and his lack of contact with the outside world left him both fascinated and terrified of the races of Eorzea. His solitude growing up still haunts him, and obviously still causes problems in his life.

    Best thing to happen to you?
    Finding the remnants was the best thing to ever happen to Xha. He wasn't overwhelmed by them as he was in the cities, and in this village of outcasts and survivors he found that even he didn't stand out too much. Since he found his home he has dedicated himself to his new community, desperate to prove himself to them and show that he belongs

    Are you a traveler?
    Xha still is not used to staying in one place for an extended period of time, and has a tendency to move about from time to time without warning. Often he just sort of wanders off to see what's over the next horizon, and sometimes feels nature calling out to him.


    What is your destiny? -i.e. are you walking towards corruption, champion, destruction, discovery, education, redemption?
    Xha is seeking a home, and walking more the path of discovery and education. It is his passion to learn about others and to understand them, while enjoying teaching them a bit about nature and their place in it.
    Apologies for the wall of text, i do that! Really enjoy playing Xha'li. He's someone who knows the world and how it works, but knows nothing about how to interact with it. When meeting new people, or being in a city i really enjoy having him stutter, and it's a lot of fun to watch him develop with people he's known and get more comfortable around them!

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    Mostly because I don't really have the money, but also because largely of my last few experiences playing the game it seemed like hitting max level was starting to turn people into mean people and the game was becoming a lot less fun.

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    The endgame tends to bring the worst elements of an mmo community crawling out of the woodwork. Don't feel too discouraged. There are more decent people than jerks, but the jerks are loudest, just like anywhere else. There are always friends to be found. If you find yourself on Famfrit, I'd add ya.

    As for the topic...I've had a backstory sort of worked out but I'm always hesitant to post things like that since I'm not confident in my writing ability.

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    Sai Kosis was raised in a secluded town by his aunt and uncle. He was unsure of who his father really was. There was a strange old man named Ben down the road that would offer him advice and tell him wonderful stories. One day while Sai was visiting Ben… his aunt and uncle were killed by an unknown enemy.

    Ben then took ownership of raising the young man, and told Sai that he knew his father. Later in a battle against good and evil, Sai was approached by the evil leader, the Dark Invader, and was told, “Sai…. I am your father.”

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    Thanks, and yeah whenever server transfers become available is when I'll start playing again and yeah there are definitely nice people and thank you for being so encouraging the game was fun and I look forward to playing the game again in the future!

    Also, I'd love to read what back story you have for your character!

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    Very Funny, Lodius. Time to remove your tongue from your cheek, put your imagination to work, and give us something original.

  20. FFXIV_RPer

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    Aw but rip-offs are the best! Just look at the only actually good scene in Reign of Fire (I think that's the movies name) where the black knight then said to the white knight... "Luke, I am your father!"

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