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    • Free Company & Linkshell : Zantetsuken
    • Leaders : Shae Lys, Nairolf Ridill, Erwald Lionguard, Alecsei Longstride.
    • Server on ARR : Ragnarok
    • Mumble of Zantetsuken : Mumble (everyone can join us on mumble if you have question about apply or FF14 ARR)
    Recruitment : Zantetsuken is open to all adventurers who wish to play in a cohesive community.
    We play and are looking to play at all slots, the hours of events are not only in the evening. Our LS is lucky to have players who play all day and the events will continue anytime of the day with our free company.
    If you are interested, it's simple, just register on our website, and then we write a small post of candidacy on the recruitment part of our forum.
    (All applications must pass through the forum)
    Social activities : Exploration of ARR, leveling, various events accessible to all, F.A.T.E, advice and aid of our former players, discovery and learning of Endgame events.
    Endgame activities : Having fun while noting the Endgame challenges (dungeons, primals, and other events).
    Origin and Community
    Zantetsuken is a community that was created a little more than two years ago when the first version of Final Fantasy XIV.
    The base of this community is composed partly of players with big experience in MMORPGS (which can go up to 10 years, in this game or others like Final Fantasy XI, Everquest, World Of Warcraft, Aion, Warhammer and many others...), but also younger players in the field who wish to participate in the adventure "A Realm Reborn" and discover with us the renewal of Eorzea.
    On the first version of Final Fantasy XIV, we had a fairly 'hard' recruitment with criteria for applications because we do not want to have a big community but rather a small group of players really competent with their classes and often present in game.
    With the release of Final Fantasy XIV - A Realm Reborn, Zantetsuken leaders have decided to open a more social section in our ranks to accommodate people who would like to join us without necessarily having a high level character. This section is for all players who would like to play in a cohesive community, who want to have fun without stressing, who would like to join a friend whose in the Linkshell or for those who do not yet have high level, but who would like to join our Endgame roster. This will enable them to learn from our more experienced players and may also give them access to any Endgame outputs of the Linkshell.
    Zantetsuken has been created, at start, with aims to accomplish all the Endgame goals of the game, that we had managed to do on the first version of the game before its closure.
    Records we had on the V1:
    -The kills of all HNMs at their beginning (when the stuff was interesting)
    -Cleared barbarian strongholds (not too complicated)
    -Completed 3 Hamlet Defense with the maximum score (approx 60,000 points)
    -Completed 3 lvl50 Dungeons with Speed Run of 17 min (this took quite a lot of work)
    -All the Eikons(primals) killed: Ifrit, Moogle King, Garuda.
    -Eliminated Nael Van Darsus and Nael Deus Darsus (hard mode).
    -A few players had the chance to get some relics.
    We hope to renew these achievements on A Realm Reborn.​

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    Zantetsuken will also have a new social pearl for beginners or HL players.
    All players are welcome from all nationality and time of play (casuals , semi casuals , hardcore player).

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    I have been searching for other Ragnarok Free companies and there isnt too many. I just wanted to inform you of the Ragnarok Alliance Linkshell.

    I have not seen an alliance linkshell on the Ragnarok server and if there is i am sorry for putting this idea out there. I have seen many servers do this and thought that one should be created for our server. please take the time to read and if its something you would like to join please contact me.

    The Ragnarok Alliance is about building the community on the Ragnarok server. It is a linkshell set up for all Ragnarok Free Company Officers to be able to communicate with each other, without the need to send PM's, be in the same zone, or even worse.. use the duty finder. FCs of all all sizes are welcome, however we will limit invitation to the GM's and main officers. Please click on the info tab below to learn more about The Ragnarok Alliance.

    More Info on T.R.A

    Ways to get in touch, to talk about joining or more info:

    - Leave a message on my Enjin wall

    - Facebook page

    - Twitter page: @Lostfate_Merc

    - Google+

    - Email me;

    Thank you for taking the time to read my post :)

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    I wanna join gimme ur mumble

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